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Swedish Monarchy / Re: Princess Estelle meets Princess Leonore
« Last post by sara8150 on Today at 07:29:14 AM »
The royal touch! Sweden's Princess Estelle meets Princess Madeline's two-month-old daughter for the first time in adorable photographs
The royal touch! Sweden's Princess Estelle meets Princess Madeline's two-month-old daughter for the first time in adorable photographs | Mail Online
A sprig of rosemary and a riderless horse: Kate and William attend remembrance services in Canberra as tens of thousands across Australia and New Zealand remember the war dead on Anzac Day
Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attend dawn service at Canberra's War Memorial to honour Anzac Day | Mail Online
Prince Harry / Re: Penny Junorís Prince Harry may be mild, not wild.
« Last post by sandy on Today at 06:59:47 AM »
It will be the same ol same ol but it will be great to hear some truth about Di and that Clarence House giving the nod no one can say it's a lie ...

Eri, I thought the book was about Harry. We all know Poison Pen Junor will do the usual hatchet job on Diana. That's what she does for a living.  I can see C and C rewarding her with a title down the road.  Of course you think everything from Penny is the "truth" because it blasts Diana and raises C and C to sainthood.

Nothing like trashing a dead woman and getting paid for it.

Poor Harry, being used so Penny can have another go at Diana.
^^^Thank you PoP.

I should have clarified that the 38% number came from a government poll taken in summer 2013. 42% want the PoW to follow HM with the remaining numbers made up of those who would like the monarchy to end and those who just didn't know.

IMHO HM, the DoE and PoW would likely want to see that 38% become a part of the group who wants Charles to succeed HM. Yes by tradition he will become King when her reign comes to an end, but people can and will share their opinions on the subject. To promote the understudy's understudy doesn't seem like the right plan when the PoW's and Camilla's popularity could still use some help. I do believe that the PoW and Camilla are very ready to take on their future roles though.

Polls are taken all the time and none will ever keep Charles from the throne (only his death or incapacity would be the cause). And no way would William want to displace his father--he runs from work not towards it.

Hiding WIlliam away will decidedly not make C and C more popular and it could well have the opposite effect.

William and Kate are supposed to work for the royal family and also be the Queen's ambassadors and assist her.And C and C are not getting any younger and two able bodied people in their thirties should definitely help out.

To me this is another excuse for their laziness. I don't see hiding them out as the right plan. They do very little anyway and if they stepped up they would not "outshine" C and C. Charles is the one who does most of the work and Camilla does the minimum. Charles is not Superman and can't do it all by himself.
^^ Thanks for that, LA.  What an interesting lady/ladies.

^^ IMO, that's all very harsh.

Yes it is . .
I did not go to a Catholic school but I am Catholic and was brought up with very strict values , none if which I really follow today I think it's a sorry excuse to push something in your children in order to prove another person's lifestyle is wrong it's not only against anything feminist it's also going lead them to want to grow up and get the hell out of your old fashioned home that's what I did  :wellduh:  don't think your children won't grow up and remember you shoving things down their throats they will and they will hold grudges most of the time and swear to never raise their children that way ...
Btw I don't believe most of what a certain somebody says but  .....    . reminded me of my close minded school  :blahblahblah:
quote] You may teach your kids they way you want and that is your own problem, as for me the way the will be raise will be own path I am not going to shoving things down their throats just the hell of it but it will be to help them make better decision or better path in life. As I said before kate is no role model and for any  mothers out there  that put her high above the rest that prove there is   something wrong  with their mental  judgments. their is nothing WOW or  Jaw Dropping she had done for the past 32 yrs. of age. No I don't means getting married, having a baby or getting a college degree they are now more woman who have accomplish all that before 25 so there is nothing so magical about all that.  So let stop trying to justify all her action for the past 32yrs because non of them is worth the glory or praises to be a role model. P.S  last month people magazine said Kim Kardashian was a role model for girl, Now Kate wales is a role model and I am so  Disappointed that kids now set the bar so low for their future picking these women next up Paris Hilton or Lindsay lohan .this is utterly tearful and sad that the future generation is going down hill full force :fuming:
I am a fan of PD.
The Penny  Junors who take  on these  wild  accusastions of  attacking a dead woman in order to  gain favor and/or keep for with King Charles and Queen Camilla to be  ARE NOT ENDEARING themselves to  PW and PH.

This  reprot  is  awful  for them.
People like  the Penny Junors  are  awful people.

Facts FACTS are:
PD  was not manic depressive, schzo, Bi-Polar, crazy,etc.
She  had  an eating disorder  during her  early  20's  due to the pressures  of  she had Charles and Camilla, new mom, lack of self-esteem, no  good, solid personal life of  a husband, mother, etc.

She had. Had. past tense. She  sought treatment and  found herslef, got it together way back when she had  this eating disorder in the 1980's. Early 1980's.

She  loved her sons and was a good mother. That cannot be disputed even it it is by  some low  people here, there,  wherever.

The princes lost their mother, they loved very much  at  PW's teen years and PH's preteen years.

PD  died   , was killed in a car crash because she did not take the proper security  she needed being PD. Being mother to PW adn PH. Being jsut who she was.
She  should have taken her own security team. TRJ was not a security team.
her fault.

Andre Paul was off duty, then called on-duty.  He was drunk. His fault.

DF  should  have, could, stayed at his home at the  Paris -Ritz.
His fault.

PD  could have, should have insisted that they  ,it being alte, the paps  were on them, just stay at his home at  P-R Hotel. Her fault.
Andre Paul  drove that tank of  automobile  and crahsed it like a tin can which  is  nearly  impossible to do unlesssssss, you drive at rapid speed and lose control and hit  metal walls, concrete walls and  he did. His fault.

The paps  on motorcycles...their fault.

There is  enough fault there to go around.

The real story  is simply  it  was a tragic   accident.

Some people like conspiracies  for everything.  Really, things can just happen as they  happen.  They simply happen as they are. No conspiracy.

The let her RIP, well , yes when it comes to this  stuff  of  the Muslims did. PC did it. The  BRF did it.
Nonsense. All of it.

FACTS' If she were alive, she  would be very proud  of  PW's life and PH's life as men.
She  would have been close to her children and they to her.

Sad it happend as it did.

Her legacy  is  her sons. Her passions for her work then. Her imapct   on the things she did and causes she supported.
Her grandchildren.

Her sons and grandchildren can be proud  to be from her.

I'm so glad I don't have a daughter. I do have a son, a furry puppy, and he can look up to Lupo. Whatevs. :teehee:

Look, I've been observing this thread as it's gotten very heated  :catfight: and it's rehashing the same arguments made over and over (most recently in the Marie Antoinette thread), but now with a lens of feminism now.

Some of us believe Kate has done very little work; others believe that Kate's primary work is as a wife and mother. They're opinions; they're valid... can we all just move on?  :hug:

(PS: there's new photos of Princess Estelle and Princess Leonore in the Swedish thread. I swear the cuteness will make everyone feel better  :flower: )
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