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You're welcome, Eri.  I thought it might interest you. :flower:

Gorgeous scenery at the Three Sisters and canyons. Both NZ and Australia have real treasures in their natural beauty.

Hope that the residents whose homes were destroyed will have the opportunity to rebuild quickly.

The Royal couple visit Winmalee in New South Wales, a community badly affected by fierce blazes last year.

The Duke of Cambridge made his protection officers' hearts skip a beat when he stepped perilously close to the edge of a steep cliff during a tour of the Blue Mountains in Australia.

Without warning William walked to the edge of the narrow ledge he was standing on with his wife as they watched a display of abseiling.

As he peered over the sheer drop an alarmed-looking Kate reached out her arms, before giggling as he stepped back to safety.
Picture gallery and video: William On The Edge During Royal Tour
Socialites & Royal Acquaintances / Re: The Percy Family
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Eliza was married - for a short period of time:

RICHARD KAY: Bryan Forbes' loving last words for widow Nanette | Mail Online

Earl's girl Eliza set to divorce
Lady Eliza Pelham, the Earl of Chichester's daughter, is getting divorced from her husband after two years

If camels can shed tears, there will be no dry eyes in the stables of bactrian Therese, which was ‘maid of honour’ at the wedding of Eliza Pelham, beautiful daughter of the Earl of Chichester.

For sadly, just two years after Eliza, 30, exchanged vows with South African-born Dr Douglas de Jager at Salisbury Cathedral — Sting’s wife Trudi Styler was one of the guests and gave a reading — the marriage is over.

The couple have begun divorce proceedings, I am told, although the reason behind their parting is being kept private.

Says the Countess of Chichester: ‘It’s very sad but these things happen and you can at least learn from them.’

On a positive note, Eliza who has a double first in modern languages from Oxford, has begun a new career with John Gordon’s Intelligence Squared debating organisation.

‘It’s everything from how to travel to Iraq to how to play bridge and Eliza is organising lectures for them,’ says her mother.

Actually I think GP and Eliza are simply in the same picture frame.  She's talking to someone else. 

No idea on who Georgina Stewart is.  She was at another party earlier in April which was covered by Tatler!/13856/image/6

but that's all I have!  :happy:

I think the same: just in the same picture.

Thanks for the informations. I thought Eliza was still married.
Kate Middleton, Prince William Warm Hearts During Visit In Australia Meeting Bush Fire Victims, Girl Guides
Kate Middleton, Prince William Meet Girl Guides, Fire Victims on Tour - Us Weekly

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Prince William and Duchess Kate take in Australia's stunning scenery amid security scare
Prince William and Kate Middleton visit The Three Sisters -

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Prince William meets Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott
Royal visit: Prince William and Duchess Kate meet Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott -

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Kate & William Give Australian Girl Guides a Thrill,,20395222_20807718,00.html#vid

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Royal couple visit Australia town ravaged by bush fires
BBC News - Royal couple visit Australia town ravaged by bush fires
Republic Today / Re: Republican quotes of the day
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 The most odious and repressive regimes in the 20th century have ‘people’s’ or ‘democratic’ in their names, and that is no accident. The theoretical basis for democracy, egalitarianism, was responsible for the worst excesses of the French revolution; little blood was shed in support of liberty and fraternity.

Had the hereditary principle been upheld in places as diverse as Libya, Greece, Albania, even Russia, had those monarchies not been overthrown and replaced by monstrous peoples’ regimes, the very lives, never mind prosperity, of those peoples would have been saved.

It is not necessary to try to prove the superiority of the hereditary principle over mass democracy, nor to spend much time over democracy’s supposed greatest achievement - the US.

Peter Scanlan, letter to Country Life, 4th February 1999.
Resplendent in a fuchsia cashmere coat by Stewart Parvin and a jaunty matching hat by Angela Kelly, the Queen was wreathed in smiles as she arrived for the traditional Maundy Thursday service at Blackburn Cathedral.

Joined by a dapper Duke of Edinburgh, the monarch beamed as she was greeted by cheering crowds of well wishers and handed a posy of Spring blooms as she made her way into the 188-year-old building.

During the service, the Queen distributed bags of coins to a group of pensioners, continuing a royal tradition that is more than 800 years old.
More: The Queen is jaunty in cerise cashmere as she doles out traditional Maundy money to pensioners in Blackburn | Mail Online
^^^ The first of many hahaha! I read about a six year old girl from New Zealand who said she is willing to marry Prince George and isn't bothered by their age difference   :lol:
The Diane Von Furstenberg dress that Kate Middleton wore for the second day of her Australia tour sold out within eight minutes of its appearance.

The navy and white geometric print wrap number that was available to buy in all sizes for £292 on but mere minutes after it was identified, the website was out of stock.
More: Kate Middleton's Diane Von Furstenberg's wrap dress sells out in eight minutes -
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