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I agree @Jennifer It would be wonderful if he were the one! I am very happy for her.
I don't know if that is fun or daunting or both.  :hehe:
 :xmas17: Don't know if this is true or not, but apparently the royal children practice their bows/curtseys in front of a statue of Queen Victoria which is located just outside the Sandringham nursery.
I don't think that that happened, Kate etc being at functions... But I agree that on a personal lvel today's young Royals are abel to live with and spend a long time with their chosen SO's before they marry which of course wasnt' the case eyars ago.

I admit that my theory of Kate hiding and watching is just something I would have liked to have happened, rather than just believing she sat around did nothing except wait for William to get off work and then follow hI'm to certain events i.e. weddings and graduations. I recall reading that Diana and Sarah were given books to read that would help guide them in their new lives but they refused to read them; I like to think Kate did read them; because honestly it's not like she was doing anything else worthwhile.

Diana learned from experience and was a quick study. She could not get this from books, she had a lady in waiting advising her and she also was a natural with the public.

This sort of thing really can't be learned from books.

Diana also learned Welsh on her first tour and won praise for her speech in Welsh.

At first the Queen thought Sarah was great because she had a sense of fun and liked to ride.

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It must be really irritating to have strangers think they know more about your marriage than you do.  We don't see them 24/7 so none of us know the state of their marriage personally I hope the best for any couple not hope for the worse.  I also know people who have waited longer than William and Catherine marry and have good marriages and the most loved up falmboint couple I knew divorced in such a bad way it was terrible to see.

There are couples who have lived together and married and the marriage still fizzles out. There is no magic formula of how many years they date versus if the marriage survives. There were wartime marriages with quick courtships and the couples are still together after many years of marriage.

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They dont do pda but royal correspondents have said they have the love factor not present in C&D

As I recall in the early years the media gushed that C and D could not keep their "hands off each other." Dickie Arbiter wrote that they looked like a couple in love in their early years.
Yes but not his legitimate daughter, and I didn't imagine he would have chosen the first girl's names as I thought he wasn't even around when she was born.  Seems very odd to me that he does not show respect for his mother by using her name for this daughter.

Despite what anyone thinks, I think Alberts loves his older children.  And I am getting sick of hear and reading the words legitimate and ilegitimate as a way of demeaning those children. It's disgusting and wrong! They did not ask to be born or born to him.  Albert was not going to put the name Grace in his daughter's name because his oldest daughter and child out of his 4 already has it in hers.

If he did not care about his older kids, Jazmin would have attended the PGA last year with her father and Charlene and he would have taken a picture with her and I also understand that after he took on a stroll on the dance floor.  You all need to leave the circumstances of their births alone because it does not matter.  What is a fact is that PA is now the father of 4 children not just those twins.
Prince Harry / Re: ‘The year that made The Prince’
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^ Thank you snokitty. :hug: Harry since his gap year has managed to do more charity and royal works while serving as a full time service person then his brother who is heir. Harry has that natural leadership ability that transcends class he is as comfortable in the most humble surroundings as he is upperclass drawing rooms. I believe Harry was made the moment he became an adult out on his own.
 :xmas1: Well that outfit totally ensures Sarah will not get invited family events.
I stick to the "financial aspects of the Royal foundation", which by the way the majority of money's entered is by Kates involvement, what is posted by me, basically you are accusing me of what I haven't said,  that yes you are agreeing on the dig posts by others on Kate and you also think Harry is worst. Your words, not mine.
You haven't stuck to the "worked very little her entire life and then only jobs a teenager on summer break would do before marriage at 29 and since nothing to indicate any depth"... I only agree that the dig posts are the only defense Kate seems to elicit from some corners... Whose words? That is confusing or confused...
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