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Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Duch_Luver_4ever Digest #1
« Last post by sandy on Today at 05:16:22 PM »
If Charles said he loved Diana to her face, I wonder why he had that "whatever in love means" reply when asked by a reporter if he was in love with her? Camilla and Diana were seen together in photographs for a time. I think Diana did not want Camilla at the wedding breakfast (Camilla was at the wedding) because of the gift of the FG bracelet Charles was giving to her. I think Kanga also got a trinket. 
Amabel you and I have suffered losses recently and I am sure that as I have and you found that grief can become overwhelming. The Princes suffered a great loss as children and I think their motives for speaking out may be the right ones. There are people who sometimes cannot articulate just how deep their loss is especially to friends and family who possibly are grieving with them. Mentally it can take a toll and I found that out upon losing my father twenty four years ago. At the time I was more focused on my mother and siblings and taking care of everything and trying to stay strong well a couple of months later I started getting panic attacks and it was then I sought counseling and learned it is better to receive help in dealing with that all too powerful emotion and it is not a weakness.
From my own observations of Charles, he spends quite a bit of time at Balmoral/Birkhall throughout the year so I think he most likely continue as he has his whole life. To be perfectly honest I believe it is the one place the royals can all relax and be themselves without the prying eyes of the world or media.
Prince Harry / Re: Harry & Megan - Part 2
« Last post by amabel on Today at 02:54:46 PM »
I'm also not sure why her divorce is continuously brought up as well? Half of his family is divorced and so many other UK citizens.How long will the BRF have to pretend they are perfect when they aren't? Harry is 32,he wasn't going to find a woman his age that wasn't divorced or a virgin.People think another Diana will come waltzing into his life and that's not happening.I can't imagine Harry wants an arranged marriage with anyone.If he begged her to date him then he is her type and he knew that and is still with her.Anyone else's opinion is mute to him so these people can cyberbully her all they want behind their computer screens but it's not changing the fact that she gets the ring.
The positon of the Monarch as Supreme Governor of the C of E means that while it is not forbidden for him to divorce, or remarry after a divorce, it is still an issue.  and who says he begged her to date him??  Harldly likely..
Prince Harry / Re: Harry & Megan - Part 2
« Last post by royalanthropologist on Today at 02:23:46 PM »
English humor can be a bit confusing. If you really read my last message carefully, you will see that I am actually supporting Meghan. Not everything is literal or to be taken literally.  :thumbsup:
of course he can wiat, he has to wait. But when he is king Camilla will be queen
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Duch_Luver_4ever Digest #1
« Last post by amabel on Today at 02:04:04 PM »
She may have seen the 1980 private eye mag and thought it wasn't anything deep enough to worry about because it did mention apb being there. I do recall seeing in the A & E documentary that she was somewhat relieved after having a talk between c and c in 1980 or 81',I'm not sure if that was true.
why would she talk to Charles and Camilla in 1980? esp if she allegedly didn't know what was going on until during her engagement and she didn't want Camila or Dale Tyron at the wedding?  As I recall the official story from charles' side was that Diana approacted him about Camilla during the engagement and that he told her that he had loved Camilla and other woman I the past and that now he loved HER...
there is alos a tradition that the upper classes leave London in the Hot smelly sticky months of the summer and of course they go shooting, visiting country estates from early August. and yes it also give the maintenance staff in London a free time to do their work when the weather is good and not raining and miserable.  (well mostly). I don't think that William will buck the trend, He may not love Scotlnd as much as his father but I don't think he does not like it and he likes shooting...
Same with Charles...
Prince Harry / Re: Harry & Megan - Part 2
« Last post by amabel on Today at 01:56:06 PM »
Sandy, don't bother and they can say and think whatever  they want. I am tired of responding to such ridiculous comments!!  I say that only because they act as if their dislike of Meghan and their opinion would make a difference to Harry even if he knew how they felt .

Meghan is American and a black woman a as well as white that makes her unique and special. 
how does that make her unique and special?  There are problaby millions of mixed race americans.  She is just one of many...
If they are doig ti form the right motives, to help others rather than just yarning on about hteir own troubles, yest I'm sure she and Diana would be proud of them.
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