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When Charles is King, do you believe he will make several visits to the countries in the Commonwealth?
Culinary and Fine Arts / Re: The Sports of Royalty and Aristocracy
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Yes, George VI was a keen shot, as was his brother Henry and father and grandfather. King George V was regarded as one of the finest shots in England. George VI spent the last full day of his life in pursuit of rabbits at Sandringham.
Royalty & Aristocracy Throughout History / Re: Diana, Princess of Wales
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When will the Diana forum return?
Lady Sarah Chatto and her husband Daniel Chatto's son was named Samuel David Benedict Chatto.
As well as tennis, King George VI of Great Britain enjoyed shooting.
With so many troops fighting abroad and with so many having lost their lives, King George VI's Christmas Day broadcast to the nation in 1944 was especially poignant.     
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Oh please. I don't see this woman as a victim. Not in the least. I don't think she is as popular as the article hints she is. If she did not want this, she could have sent Charles back to his first wife.  ANd the howler is the woman said she was taught "manners."  I guess Charles can't stand the attention given to the first wife and is trying to sell Camilla to the public, very unsubtle.
I wish the word "cultist" was not tossed around so much.
@sandy-I agree.
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