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Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Diana & Charles' Courtship
« Last post by sandy on Today at 04:16:47 AM »
A lot of things stopped with the separation. Except attending events involving their sons and as Diana was still an HRH various royal events. Diana wanted to be with Charles early on in the marriage. I don't think she was a "phony." Diana was seen laughing at Charles' jokes. A famous episode was when at the Braemar Games, he said when God Save the QUeen was played "they're playing our song." Diana giggled. This is a fact. SO she did "get" his humor. Diana did not like Highgrove because of the proximity to the Parker Bowleses place and the hunts where Charles went with Camilla. Diana went to Balmoral every year until the separation. Diana WAS a serious skier. She went on ski trips with her friends and this is well documented.  She was not on the "bunny slopes" she was a skilled skier and went with Charles  and later Charles and the boys.  What is "serious" reading. Diana stopped reading the romance novels and did not read them for years. She was not some airhead. ANd Charles had some really odd mentors but he religiously read Van Der Post who was rather controversial.

Why do you think Diana was not a serious skier. It is well documented that she was. She obviously kept up with Charles. Charles was sometimes taking too may risks skiing and went into a dangerous place where an avalanche took place that killed his friend. I think Diana should not be criticized for avoiding dangerous runs. CHarles probably regretted taking that risk.
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Diana & Charles' Courtship
« Last post by FanDianaFancy on Today at 04:12:56 AM »
We disagree.  Fine.   We can agree to disagree.

Popular  notion, words  of the  authors  of  these  people, depending on what  side  they  are  on is that  PC and PD had  nothing, not a  thing in common. Other  authors  say  they  had  much in common.  Normal couples do have things in common like W and K and Zara and  her husband, yet  may  not  have everything, like everything  .  Kate and  MTindall  do not saddle up and hit the polo field or  jumping, etc. They show up to support  their  spouses as  PD  showed up, even  heavily pregnant  to  support  PC on the polo  fields.
Jokes- from the time she made some kind  of joke at some event about her husband liking blonds in reference to her hair. To the time, she had to crack a bottle  over his  head  at some  movie set /studio event  , I think.
She skied  with and without  him, with the children , so  ok, she  did  not like  skiing, but  she  did  it and was good   it and often went  with  him  hen they  were  a family an then without him when they broke up. Ok. Ok. polo,  supportive wife, YES, and  if she had  she lived to see  her sons out, you bet  she  would  have been at  every polo match, etc. of theirs.  K does not ride  and  she supports  PW  by attending his  polo  games. PD  did not need to saddle up get out the  field, LOL, K  does  not . K  went  hunting  just because  early  on before marriage, but  hunting is  not her thing.  PD  did  not hunting. PC  and CPB  did, oh yeah....!!!!  and  Highgrove was her home, marital home.  Well, once another woman came in and  spread herself  , her sport in it...ok.  KP  , PC liked  too  as it was their marital home  for the  city.  The children's home and pictures  were  taken there and at Highgrove  for the public.  K and W  love the  country, AH  , it is said, but  now they  are moving  as homebase back to KP.  They  will move  back and forth  s these do all their  lives depending on the childrens' schools, etc. Duty  as well. PD and PC  had to  use  KP  while official  business  was in London such as  Sate Dinners at  BuckPalace. PC  and CPB have  CHouse as their  home  palace base when duty  calls for  stays in the capital city.

To the title  of this thread...
Too bad  PC  and CPB did allow  the marriage to work while  PD  was  a  bit naive, guillble,  and  not  bitter and too bad  PD  did handle the  husband and his  girlfriend   from   advice  of an older, trusted  woman  of the  nobility, etc..
William and Harry ARE Spencers by blood. Half their DNA is Spencer. Everybody can lash out at times.  Charles has temper tantrums according to his biographers.  Temper tantrums (gnashes) run in the Windsor Family. George VI was known for fits of temper. Spencers are not perfect but neither are the Windsors.

Charles' will is probably all set and he will treat his widow (should he predecease her) very well. She will get the jewels that he got her at auction, she will get a generous settlement. She will not be tossed into the streets, so to speak.  It is impossible since Charles has a will set up and no question she will be treated well.

Her concern and comfort will be HER children and grandchildren. I don't think it is a lovefest wtih William, Harry and Camilla. Considering how they spoke so well about their mother and William said he understood why Diana did the Panorama interview. Which speaks volumes. That does not mean he will toss Camilla into the streets. Camilla will be well provided for.

 Diana did not shove her stepmother "down the stairs" that did not happen if it did she would have been hospitalized. Raine and Diana made up. Their quarrel was their business. It was strictly between them.  They were friends from 1992 until the day Diana died. Besides which, what does this have to do with how Camilla will be treated if Charles' predeceases her

Camilla did character assassinate Diana by cooperating with Junor which I find heinous. But the boys will be polite and cordial to her and Charles provided her with lifelong security in his will. should he predecease her.

There was no serious assault case. None. Besides which why would one want to cause pain by posthumously filing a complaint about a long dead woman. I doubt Raine would have agreed with your condemnation of Diana. They were close.

Camilla is set for life no matter what. SHe is not being "abused" if she not as close to her step children as she is to her children with her first husband. She had no part in raising William and Harry. They are polite to her and will respect their father's wishes.

That said, I doubt she'll spend the rest of her days in Clarence House. Which does not constitute bad treatment.
A king's dowager has rights that have nothing to do with the new king. Those include housing, a title and her income which remains the same as when she was queen consort (currently about $1.5 million a year). Those rights are not affected by whether or not she is the mother of the current king.

I cannot imagine for a second William treating his step mother so appallingly. These are not the Spencer children. They were brought up very differently and are not prone to irrational emotional outbursts. There would be an outcry if a queen dowager was treated so shabbily (even the government would step in, not least because that would constitute pensioner abuse) and it would show William to be a rather unpleasant person. All indications are that neither William nor Harry is interested in such nonsense. The mind does wander though and people are allowed to imagine extreme scenarios

In any case Camilla's own children would not tolerate anyone shoving her down the stairs like Diana did or having her things thrown out in the bin liner like Charles Spencer did to Rainer.  The former was actually a serious assault case that could have had serious consequences had Rainer's children persuaded her to follow it through with a complaint. It was nothing to be proud about and the Spencer children ought to have been ashamed that they behaved in that way. Their father would have been appalled at the way they treated his widow.
Her position may be tenable if HM/PP and C pre decease her(although barring an accident, unlikely). One can imagine W&H re enacting CS & D infamous bin bag exit routine they gave Raine, half their blood is Spencer after all  :lol:
I hoep they are not so apppallngly badly brought up....
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Diana & Charles' Courtship
« Last post by amabel on September 19, 2017, 11:50:28 PM »
They had almost NOTHNG common.  They boht liked music and that was about it.  She attended his polo matches because she had to turn up, she didn't enjoy it and gave up once she and he separated.
They didn't enjoy the same jokes, I dont know WHERE you are getting this.  They didn't lieke the same lifestyle.. she enjoyed town life and he liked the country.  She didn't like Highgrove and he loved it there with his garden, hunting and shooting.  She hated Balmoral and he lvoed it.
They boht liked swimming but most people will enjoy swimming on a sunshiny holiday.. or skiing but even then Diana wasnt' a serious skier while Charles was an expert and liked the more dangerous runs.
He was into serious reading, she liked light romances.  Need I go On?
No doubt , this will be a  private  duty. Private, no media for this meeting with these  healers ( rather than say  victims) .
Good  for PW  to bring  attention to  something , awful as it is, real in these times and that  must be stopped by  laws, long jail sentences, etc.
Ribbon  cutting, plaque  unveiling  is  just not  always the  best and only  way for BRF to have  attention called to causes  and some cause are  not "safe traditional "  causes.

Sidenote, YES, I  can say this about CPB although  I am not a  fan of hers. Her work with  abused  women  is important and  private  as well  ribbon cutting  and  "traditional safer" things.

Thanks to PD for bringing  BRF  and TPTB  into  modern times  with  some other things that  need their attention as well.
Thanks to PD, in the time she  had  here with her  sons, by showing  them  "unsafe traditional" causes  , of  things happening in their  country and world.
Prince Harry / Re: Duke of What????
« Last post by FanDianaFancy on September 19, 2017, 11:18:32 PM »
Reports  are, HRH, Prince Henry, Duke of Sussex  along with  his  current titles. I do not the correct styling and care not to look it far the HRH  is placed,  etc.
When PC  is  K,  no doubt,   PH  will  get  another title....yet  probably not  informally  called by that  since that day  will be  a long time away  when  PC s K and then  PW  becomes K  and  PH will be  called DofSussex for so long by the time PC becomes K and by the time PW becomes K.

Meghan, HRH, The Duchess of Sussex...however it is  styled. HRH before or  after title, I  do  not  know, do not care....just saying it, HRH,   is  in there some kind  of way.

Will  she  go by  Rachel, her  first  name,  or continue  as she had  been always called and is known in the media  by Meghan?
Rachel Meghan Markle.
True  about  stupid, silly, fame seeking,  talking  all over himself, Gary,  Carole's bother.

MM  half sister and half  brother and their  various spouses,  and  ummm, nooooo. Just  too much. Embarrassment.  So unclassy, uncivilized.
The half  brother is saying  MM is  a "hot commodity"...granting interviews  and the half sister  she  is  not  close with has  her book deal  signed.

Charles Spencer,  9th Earl of Spencer,  and  whatever his name and titles  are  will, again, no doubt,  I would not be surprised,  have his  gig at  NBC.
It is what it is and he  is who he is and so  he gets a  pass. That is real life. That is how it works. 

Hilliblly, PWTrash, The Simpsons, The  Dukes of hazzard  halfs of MM  should be not invited nor should their various kids  and  their mother and  WHATEVER  else these things  are.

Not invited=major press tour  by them speaking to anyone with  a mic and  a camera for  getting their name  and mugs  out there and for life.
Invited=major press tour  by them speaking to anyone with  a mic and  a camera for  getting their name  and mugs  out there and for life.

I would chose  no invite.

Eventually, the press  should back away  from these  disgusting , common, THINGS(the halfs).
Pardon me for calling them things, but MM, not due to her fault,  has two  common trashy  things there feasting off her at every turn.
You  cannot fault MM for her parents, although the  mother is  ok,  educated,  living her life, but the  father was marrid before an had these things  and  he went bankrupt,  ...I  feel sorry  for MM  's beng in the hot seat  with  those things  (the halfs)  and  the  British press  to go after her nonstop, and Black America  going to  go  after her.

I  think MM  is  :  graceful, pretty,  quiet,  in love,  good for PH  since he chose, is choosing her,  formally educated with a university degree,  is  charitable and supports causes, is used  to  the  prestige of the company  of  some people  already  like PM Trudeau of Canada,  is self  made, is used to working, is not working shy  therefore  would be willing to  work in BRF duties, older, wiser mature  being  mid 30's, well traveled,  and more. Oh, MM is  shapely, fit, healthy,  can wear  anything and look  nice , well put together,  great  head of hair, fresh  looking, fresh  clean  faced, minimal makeup it seems  , natural make up, and  everything else  I forgot, she is that  too.

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Meghan Markle's brother tells Prince Harry get on with it | Daily Mail Online

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Meghan Markle's brother tells Prince Harry get on with it | Daily Mail Online
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Diana & Charles' Courtship
« Last post by FanDianaFancy on September 19, 2017, 10:42:40 PM »
Thank you amabel and Louis.  Thank you the correction there, proof in pictures, that  although  she  was  not  a  rider  like  others, she  did , she did, try, just try  again.

Back to threads'  title......

I hate to repeat myself again, JUST STICKING TO THE FACTS,  but  PC and LDFS  had a   proper courtship, dating  time for  1980/81  ,  for  PC  needing a  girl  who was  "clean"  and of the nobility.
LDFS  was  well known, known of  by  her family  to  QEII  and  rank and file, TPTB.
PC  needed to  get on with  it at 32 of  completing  yet  one  more  , yet another very important duty  of PofW, heir,  etc. and that  was  get married to the right girl  and  have  HIS  heirs.

PC and LDFS/PD  had  so  much in common: classical music, ballet, skiing,  2  healthy & happy  children, sense  of  duty  to  their  position/country/subjects , huge  success in  all overseas tours representing HRH, QEII, living at Highgrove and  KP, vacations, swimming, polo matches which he  played and she  attended  even while very  pregnant, jokes, and more.  One sticking point, deal breaker  was that  PD refused to accept  CPB as  sister- wife,  2nd wife,  3rd person in marriage,  mistress, member of PC's  inner circle  of  advisors, etc.
Cammilla was non-negotiable  for PC and  it  was a deal breaker  for  PD.
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