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The children in the nursery where I work are more mature then people here, and use the imagination for to create something  not for change facts 😒😁
 Hint , look at the last pics in IG ( but all IG, no only where you want to see) 😜😜

Anyway this is topic about miss Bonas no about others, and how the moderators remember all the time, here we explain personal opinions , this is your idea, your "facts", m we respect but we can be disagree.

I  think they are together, Harry and cressy  and I hope they stop to play "mouse and cat" and take them "story" serious like a 30 and 25 yrs old people no like children.
Why do some concentrate on Diana and men so much yet always overlook the reason that she chose to try and find someone to be happy with?

Probably because some people believe in personal responsibility. Bad things happen to everyone; that doesn't give them the right to go off and disregard others' feelings and do whatever they please as if their comfort is the only one that mattered.
Thank you, I completely forgot about Clarence House but remembered St James. London is a crowded city and I would think having a car there would be more of a headache then a help. The twitter post shows the time stamp of the time zone the reader is in. So for me the time stamp would be different for you but in London it was at 1300 six times zones before the midwest at 0600. But I do agree about the exes remaining friends and that's probably why they have been seen in groups recently and the press and public can't make sense of it. Chelsy hasn't been isolated since she's been to many of the same events as not only Harry but the rest of the crowd. She has always been to the Van Straubenzee carols, she's been to weddings, and social events. She's still in the crowd but there is the big circle and then tighter smaller circles. That's what I've noticed at least
Harry has like four very close male friends Jake, Tom , Arthur and the Ragby guy who was seen with him and Cressida when they attended the Ragby match they were double dating ... those people wouldn't be caught dead with Chelsy and that is a fact no matter how some try to spin it ...
Welcome to the Royal Insight! / Re: Snokitty's Return
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 :banana:  :happy20: So glad you are back!  :happy20: :banana:
totally agree snokitty.

^ And it was wrong for Di to sleep with the at least three (that we know of) married men she slept with ...

How do you know how many when there were no admissions of guilt and a  denial. Who are you speaking for when you use the word "we?"  Yourself perhaps?

None of the alleged married men came forward and one denied any affair.

This is getting into the trumped up charge category. Like Anne Boleyn's "lovers" who grew exponentially as she neared her trial.

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Good going  and congrats  to  Blue Clover.
Everyone  else, WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!  Slow down  here  in  YOUR  OPINIONS.

Did  PD  have  good and  positive press  during  the  1990's?
Yes  she  did. She  had good  press  for her  work  and  for  her  personal  appearance.  She  had  good  press  for  her  fashion style.

She received  positive  press  for  the Bashir  interview and  negative  press  for  the Bashir interview.  I  guess  you  could  say  it  was all  good  for  the  press  because  it  gave  them  a  direct  story  for  weeks  there!!! 

She  received  good  press  and  sympathic  press  after  PC'  interview.  She  showed wearing  the iconic  F-U  LBD (little  black dress).

Double post auto-merged: October 25, 2014, 11:43:39 PM

She  received  good  press  for  being  a  good  mother. Hands  on. 

She  received  bad  press  for  her  choice  in men.  Dodi.
 She received  bad press  for  , well, stalking  Hoare. 300  or  so  phone  calls. He  called the police.  She  would  hang  up  so  I  assume,  cannot  remember  the  whole story, but  he  must have  not  known  they were  from her.
300  or 200  or  100?  It  was  odd, stalking  really, and  it  was  an abundance  of  class.

Affairs  with  married  men?  Debatable?  Proof? There  is  none. There  is  only  good gossip.
Carlings  were still  together.
Hoares  were  still together.
If she  and Hoare  had  an  affair , then  he  would  have  gladly accepted her numerous  class.
Seems  to me,  he , a  friend  of PC's or  his  mother-in-law was, or his mother  was  the Baroness,  he  would  not  have  had an affair  with  PD.
Those  who  are even  on the outer  edges  of  court  , per 1000's  of years  of  BRF  /Monarchy, stay  and want  to get in court. In favor  of  the Monarch.
Hoare  , may have no doubt,  been  nice  to  PD. Flirty  and  she flirty  with  him.  Not  good  to  flirt  or be flirted with  if  one  is  married.

I  DO NOT  think Hoare  had  an  affair  with  PD.

Her  press went  back  and  forth.  She, PC, CPB were  the gift  that  kept  on giving.  For that , the press  loved her  no mater  what  side  they  were  on.

Double post auto-merged: October 25, 2014, 11:52:00 PM

Carling? No again.  if he  would have , Julia  Carling  could  have, would  have  perhaps, divorced him and  got anything she wanted in  their  divorce settlement. Julia  Carling  could  have  been  rich and famous  and  the talk  of TUK  and even landed  bigger jobs  in her career. Wasn't  she  some journalists  or something? Something  in the public  eye?
She  did not.  They were  still   back  the   like the Hoares.
I  DO NOT think  PD  had an affair  with  Carling.  Flirtations, yes.
Wrong still!!!! WRONG!!!  Affair, no.

As for  the  many  mistakes  she  made,  as  for  the  "winging it"  as  in having  no  role model, mother, sisters, one   good  advisor on her side, for her,  and  for  PD's  just  not  thinking clearly  on things  sometimes in her personal  life,  I  DO NOT THINK she had affairs  with these guys.

Risk  losing  her  sons  to  PC and TPTB  and QEII ? no.  Even though  she and PC  each had  like 1/4  custody  really, LOL, between  boarding school  and  TPTB   with  QEII,  being  stripped  of  having  even her  1/4  or  1/3  would  have  really  bad  for  her.

Double post auto-merged: Today at 12:00:17 AM

Seeing  her sons  via  permission  of PC  or  clearing  with  his  people  on what  she  wanted to  do o go with them, NO. YES, of course, she  had  to have clearance, security, etc.  with  QEII an TPTB  for  travel vacations, etc., but  it  was  like she  was  still  their  custodial parent.


Can  we  all agree  it is  so  sad  that  she  died  in the m idle  of  really  getting  herself  together  and  has missed  all  these  years  of  her sons  and  with  PW, his  family?

Actually,  some of us  do  NOT EVEN AGREE  on that!!!!

Better  yet, DO NOT  ANWSER  THAT!!!!

It is sad  she  died . If  you  hold  such  disdain  for  a  long  dead  woman  who gave all  to  PC  and  sealed the deal  for  CPB  and  gave  everything  to  CPB, fine.

Can we  agree  on that?

What  more  do  you want? Some  of us here and  others  in the press,  TPTB, etc. won't  rest untill  PW and PH  say  the  love and adore  CPB  and she is  their  mother,LOL!!!

It is sad  PD never  had  happiness  in her  personal  life  like  CPB and PK.
It  is  sad  that  her life  is  the gift  that keeps  on  giving  for the benefit  of othrs:  media,  authors  like  Penny,  people  wanting favor from  PC and CBP,

As I recall Dodi did not get bad press when she was dating him. It was seen as her moving on and trying to find Mr Right.  I don't recall the media saying an engagement was a done deal while the two were alive and dating.

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I think it is a not unreasonable assumption that she slept with O Hoare..  and possibly WIll C.

Carling denied it but I guess some don't take his word for it.Julia would have gone full throttle against Diana if she had any proof. She didn't. And I can assume she believed her husband's denials that he was intimate with Diana.

Hoare never spoke about his relationship with Diana and I doubt he ever will.

Double post auto-merged: Today at 01:48:09 AM

Does it matter who pursued who? We can all agree sleeping with a married man is wrong ... or is it alright only when Di does it?

It was wrong for Camilla to continue to have sex ( I seriously doubt they did much sleeping) with Charles after she married Andrew. It was also wrong for Charles to be having sex with Camilla after she married Andrew.

As Trudie said this is about positive press for Diana and all of her press was not good. Her charity work got good press as it should have. The stories that Camilla and Charles's friends were feeding to the press about Diana were not positive.

Diana got a People magazine Cover in 1997: Cash or Class? Comparing her work with anti-Landmine campaign (class) with Fergie plugging her book (cash).
 :thanks: @Jennifer The whole look is gorgeous!
Why do some concentrate on Diana and men so much yet always overlook the reason that she chose to try and find someone to be happy with?

The morally bankrupt couple are the cause of all that happened. Charles could not control his jealousy of his wife's popularity, Camilla could not let go of the advantages she received by having sex with Charles.

Charles did not want a wife he wanted a Mommy and Camilla was willing to fulfill that role and since she looks so much like his Nanny I imagine he thought he had struck gold.

Some want to change the history of what happened because Charles's rehabilitation campaign worked especially on those who weren't around at the time. Just like all history the lies told are not the only story because there are always those who remember the truth. The truth will always win out in the end even if it takes a few hundred years.

All the bad press Charles got was because of his own personal actions. All the bun throwing and name calling Camilla received was because of her actions.

IMO Diana was right to show the public their little royal secrets since Charles is supposed to be King one day. The public has a right to know what type of person will be filling the job.

Diana got good press most of the time because she worked hard to earn it. When people got to understand what all she had gone through and still held her head high and fulfilled her royal duties it made her even more popular and that brought even more good press.

Charles and Camilla will never receive the memorial of flowers or the outpouring of love that Diana received at the time of her death. Different deeds and different personalities.

Sure Diana made some mistakes as we all have but she wasn't going from Estate to Estate flaunting her actions all through the marriage. She was not going to the homes of wives and ruling the roost as if she had some right to do so.

I think it is a not unreasonable assumption that she slept with O Hoare..  and possibly WIll C.

No we cannot assume that Diana had sex with married men because innuendo, gossip and a wife who was jealous of her husbands relationship with his employer does not prove anything especially since the two people involved denied it.

This has all been gone over so much that it is getting old and tiresome so I am checking out of this conversation.
She didn't stay for dinner therefore her rubber chicken could go to someone else. (In the U.S. banquet food is often referred to as "rubber chicken" because it's prepared in large batches and is typically rather bland.) :hehe:
As @Canuck pointed out earlier, she did stay for the dinner, so the charity did have to foot the bill for that. Though, I think the publicity they got for it was worth far more than the cost of her plate.

Although I don't like the dress Kate is wearing much I agree about the light. I believe a few months ago Charlene wore a black dress for evening and very similar issues were pointed out. It's not something you can foresee when you put it on.
Perhaps it isn't something you or I need to think about, but I'm sure if Kate had put on her photographer hat and thought about it-- or enlisted the advice of Angela Kelly (the Queen's dresser), she would have been advised to do a quick "test shot" to make sure her bra didn't shine through.

The donors have been invited as guests and likely aren't involved with the operations of the charity.
Are you saying they are just tossing money towards a charity without being involved with the operation of such?  And even worse they don't know Kate.  Fishy.... :hmm:

Yes.  That is why they are called donors.  As in donation.
Actually, that's not always the case. At a non-profit I used to work, we had donors who were actively involved in the organization. Though they sometimes made our lives difficult, we were also grateful to tap into their network and learn from their experiences.

Kate Middleton attends Action on Addiction dinner | NEWMYROYALS & HOLLYWOOD FASH?ON

I do not find this dress acceptable for a royal engagement.   :no:  Maybe a black bra would have worked better.   :censored2:

Since Charles supports Kate I really wish he would pay for a stylist.   :nod:
Agreed. Though Kate would have to listen to a stylist, and I don't think she's there yet.
I agree.  She looks beautiful and serene.
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