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Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Raine Spencer
« Last post by Duch_Luver_4ever on Today at 08:05:18 AM »
Not much is written of William and Harrys relationship to Raine, I kow Diana patched things up with her but Raine doesnt strike me as a touchy feely grandmother, or great grandmother.
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Raine Spencer
« Last post by sandy on Today at 06:34:13 AM »
I hope she got to see her royal step great grandchildren, George and Charlotte.
I think it would be pretentious of Charles if he took the name George.  He still IMO would be called Charles by the press.

Why George VI was christened Albert Frederick Arthur George so George was his fourth name
Edward VII was christened Albert Edward
Victoria was christened Alexandrina Victoria
So using a different name has been done before without people calling them by their first name. I can see their arguments about the first two Charles Charles I was beheaded because he was convinced of his divine right to ignore parliament Charles II would have gone the same way if they had found out about his plans to force the country to be catholic, after all James II lost the throne for that reason.

Totally different. Charles has been direct heir since 1952 and known as Prince Charles since his birth in 1948. "Bertie" was not even directly in line to be King. And his father's reign was ca. 26 years and his brother's a very short reign. Prince Charles was THE Prince of Wales also for many many years.  I think  he'd still be called Charles to many and the media might still call him that. I think if he used George VII it would be pretentious. And I stand by my opinion. The future Edward VII did not live in the media age we live in now. Charles has had a great deal more media exposure, to put it mildly.

The way the first two Charles behaved is not necessarily an indicator of what would happen to Charles III. The world has changed since then.

Victoria used her second name Victoria and was not Princess Alexandrina until she became Queen.

nice pic @LouisFerdinand its a color we dont see her wear often, but as usual, looks smashing on her  :crazylove: shes the Pumpkin Spice Latte of Royals  :thumbsup:
King Edward VII at a country house shooting field birds and game.   
King Edward VII and Ladies, 1900's - Film 18476 - YouTube
 :goodpost: In what year did the Swedish church begin to run the center in Karlstad?
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