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Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Diana's positive press in the 1990s
« Last post by sandy on Today at 08:31:36 AM »
Nobody is excusing Diana. But this thread just keeps going on and on about the Carling and Hoare stories which has been covered on other threads. The title of the thread is Diana's positive press. Diana had other things going on in her life in the 1990s. Including charity work that she got praised for.  She was regrouping after the divorce and it is a shame her life was cut short I think she would have made a huge difference in charity work and continued the good work. She had a good last year of her life with the Landmine Campaign for one thing and she packed in a lot of good work with the charities and causes in her last year. I read that she probably would not have been in Paris had not her original vacation plans been cancelled (due to one of her friends not going at the last minute).
^Very true!
Coffee Klatch / Re: Free For All - No. 44! (Good Lord - No. 44!!!!)
« Last post by Jenee on Today at 08:16:32 AM »
Ooh, poor kitty :(
I'd tend to agree with Canuck; it's definitely hanging straight down. I'm seeing a blind hem, rather than what I'd expect to see on a slip (which are usually trimmed with lace or done with a roll hem on a serger).

And given that the wee bit visible at the neckline is bouncing light in the same way as the skirt, I'd be shocked if it's a two piece.
It could be, TLLK.  Based on the glimpse of it when the coat fluttered up, I think it's heavier weight than a slip (it's hanging straight down and looks tailored to me).  But in any event:  nothing was revealed that shouldn't have been, so whatever it was did it's job.
Poor Mike. His photo has been scrutinized more than he likely ever expected. :P
It could be a full length slip worn underneath or a camisole and slip.
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Diana's positive press in the 1990s
« Last post by Canuck on Today at 07:26:35 AM »
Charles and Camilla made poor decisions for years. Even before Diana came along.  Citing Diana does not excuse C and C's behavior.

I feel like I'm in the twilight zone here.  No one -- NO ONE -- is citing Diana to excuse Charles and Camilla.  But every time someone says anything at all even slightly critical of Diana's behavior with married men, you start talking about how bad Charles and Camilla were to excuse Diana.   :ugh:
Arthur Landon was there too. Tons of people. I think that's why Palmer wrote his article and said on twitter that something was going on. Not sure, definitely a wait and see moment for sure.
Limabeany, the second picture I linked to shows the dress/slip showing at Kate's neckline as she gets out of the car.

I wouldn't expect it was a "heavy wool" dress, but a lightweight dress would certainly fit under that coat.  But I'd ask again:  even if it's a slip rather than a dress, what is the problem?  She was fully covered up and even when the wind lifted her coat a bit, you see nothing more than 2 or 3 inches above the knee, which is hardly scandalous.  I remember people here saying Kate needs to wear straight slips under her skirts so there is coverage if the wind blows up her skirt; she did exactly that and it worked just as designed.
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