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To be fair here when George was born they were still in the cottage at KP as 1A wasn't ready yet and Anmer was in the planning stages so going to the Middleton's home made sense as Kate wanted Mummy to help out. This time around there is no excuse for the Taxpayer to pay extra security for the Middleton home since they completed the work on 1A and it is big enough for Carole and her husband to stay at KP. Why would William and Kate entertain her family at Christmas if Anmer wasn't completed yet? that makes no sense either so this article is nothing more then the work IMO of a recent journalist hired out of school or a royal reporter writing anything to justify a paycheck.
^^^I agree Canuck. Some of the kingdoms are quite small ie: Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands so it is easier for their royals to visit various provinces/cities. Spain, the UK, etc...have longer distances to consider when they're visiting.
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Thank you for posting about this issue - it certainly is an interesting idea. However, at this time we feel it cannot be implemented.  :hug:
That's like saying since we weren't in Las Vegas with Harry that we don't know if he stripped off there or not. That Harry stripped in front of a large crowd of his Dad's guests has been reported steadily and reliably over the years just as much if not more. Those who were present, such as Queen Beatrix , spoke about it and how shocking it was.
It's well known that had the reports been untrue, the incident would be denied emphatically by the Palaces and it never has been. It's never been denied even once after its being reported in dozen of publications, including bios, over these many years.
You don't see Harry and family at contemporary European royal weddings like that of CP Felipe ( who was once pictured with the Wales family ) or any of the others. I wasn't referring to what happens at the Queen's residences. Harry isn't invited to the royal residences of Europe, I certainly didn't mean he couldn't attend his own brother's wedding in his own misunderstood.  :hi: :flower:
Doing multiple engagements in one day does have some advantages.  For one thing, it can save money (especially when some travel is required, e.g. Kate doing two engagements in Margate in one day, rather than traveling out there on two separate occasions).
First, I'd just like to say in response to the last page or so of conversation: @SophieChloe is right. I am not a Republican, nor am I a Royalist. Royal families have always interested me, as have world leaders and their families. (I'm currently trying to read memoirs/biographies of every First Lady. Nellie Taft is my favorite so far.)  I'm a positive fan of the Norwegian and Swedish monarchies, and sometimes find it hard to look objectively at them when I just melt like butter at anything Victoria does, or seeing Sonja out and about at an engagement where she is hiking. I suppose that I comment more on the BRF because it dominates the conversation here, we get a lot of BRF news here in the U.S., and I will likely be moving to England at some point in the next decade. I think I'm also most frustrated with the BRF because they seem to be making choices that seem really odd, when they could (easily) make some positive changes.

I think that's where it gets to @DaisyMeRollin's question:
Do either of you, specifically, feel the need to see pictures of the kid? What's the point and why would anyone hold such emphasis on this kid's exposure to the public were it to only perpetuate an institution that some, rightfully, find an abhorrent anachronism?

I would like to see more photos of George, personally. At the core of this, I'd like to see the BRF-- specifically Will and Kate-- embrace their role. Do I think more photos of George will increase the BRF's popularity? Yes, but I don't think the Republicans have enough to sway over public opinion, and I doubt they will in my lifetime (though I do think Commonwealth countries will move to have their own HoS once the Queen's reign is over).

I think it's beneficial to George to grow accustomed to royal duties, and have them seem normal instead of a burden. I wrote a post earlier in this thread where I discussed how the Swedish royal family is raising Estelle, and why I think it could be a good model for George.

I don't think things need to be drastic-- or like I compared earlier in this thread constantly recorded a la The Truman Show. But I do think that in order to share a future King with his future subjects, a better plan should be in place. If George can go to a playdate in New Zealand, why can't he have a playdate with ordinary British children?

Finally, I think that the Cambridges must learn to work better with journalists and the media. There still has not been a traditional photocall, aside from the Lindo greeting. That is a great way to allow the public to see a glimpse of their life, without a lot of pain or effort on their part. Arthur Edwards, for example, has been photographing the family for 30+ years, and seems to get along well with William (I remember the story on the way home from the Asia tour, where William asked to look at the photos on his laptop and had a goofy one deleted). Those photos would decrease the value of pap shots.

So there you have it-- at the core of it, I'd like to see more of the little Republican slayer, even if he hurts the cause of a Republican state. But, let's check in once I read Charles's letters to Parliament. If he's really been meddling, it might change my tune.
Since members of Parliament and others who receive these frequent letters complain about them publicly, you would think Charles would have the good sense to stop wasting his time, which surely could be spent on something much more productive.
From what I've seen, his letters tend to be long. Time wasted.
^^ Thanks for the explanation, SC.

I actually do have a corgi.  But happy to say no chintz, china or bunting.  And when Charles and Camilla were in Toronto when I was there, I did my best to get out of the hubbub. Nor did I drive up to where Sophie was doing a speech. 

That's also making an assumption that the money spent on the monarchy would go to food banks and children's charities. My hang-up about actually declaring myself a Republican is that I don't trust that politicians would be any better than the royals.
I agree @HistoryGirl!  That is why I make sure I drag my backside to the voting booth to make my voice heard.  However, I wouldn't trust any of them. 

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Perhaps be a little more choosy with your words @DaisyMeRollin x

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^SC  Don't know about a republican but a respectable monarchist is a middle aged spinster in a little cottage filled with cats, chintz and china from the BP souvenir store.  She eats Duchy Originals products, only.  Has every program  from every Royal event going back to Di and Chucks wedding.  Natural habitat is at the gate of the palaces at 5 am waiting for a blurred glimpse of any royal that drives through.  Still has the unwashed gloves she was wearing when she shook the hand of one of the RPO. :Jen:
:crazylaugh:   :goodpost:
BTW SC we're easy to spot as  we wear twin sets, pearls and thick socks to cover our sturdy ankles. (Waiting on royals takes its toll on our lower legs.) Everything is covered in cat hair too.  :P
:hehe: @TLLK 
I live in a basement and only come out to drive my truck.... :ninja: and eat roadkill.

I always get my hair styled in the Queen Elizabeth look with a grey rinse and wear a headscarf when I take my corgi, Philip, out. I am pleased to say that several people here in Melbourne have pointed to my resemblance to HM. I often think fondly of those occasions, as I wash out my Tea Cup with a portrait of her Majesty printed on the side.
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