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From Clarence House's Storify account:

Roya lVisit Colombia - Our Rolling Blog

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall are visiting Colombia and Mexico from 28th October - 5th November. Their Royal Highnesses' visit to both countries is at the request of the British Government, following invitations from President Juan Manuel Santos Calderón of Colombia and President Enrique Peña Nieto of Mexico.

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall began their third day in Colombia by visiting the Peace and Rehabilitation Centre in Bogota. They were joined by President Santos and the First Lady and viewed an art exhibition based on the theme of reconciliation. The centre honours those who lost their lives in civil conflict in Colombia.

The Prince made a moving speech in which he empathised with those who had lost loved ones in the conflict.

His Royal Highness spoke of his own personal losses - HRH's great uncle Lord Mountbatten and The Prince's godson were murdered in Northern Ireland thirty years ago - and he said: "So I feel I do understand something of the bewildering and soul-destroying anguish that so many of you have had to endure."

More: #RoyalVisitColombia - our rolling blog (with images, tweets) · clarencehouse · Storify

Thank you for sharing Cindy. Relating his own experience of losing a loved one to violence was a good decision IMO. Shows that everyone rich/poor, public figure/private citizen can be affected by the ugly experience of terrorism/war.
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Diana\'s behavior during the War of the Wales
« Last post by TLLK on Today at 08:48:42 PM »
Glad to see people making use of this thread along with the Charles and Camilla ones.
And they come in a collection of interesting colors too. Sometimes they really clash for the ladies while the men are always in black. Then a lady has to find a pretty but practical way to secure it to her shoulder so it doesn't slide everywhere.
 :goodpost: I agree. The lack of personal responsibility from Diana, Charles, Camilla and others during those years is puzzling.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge / Re: Vacation countdown....shall we
« Last post by Canuck on Today at 08:45:02 PM »
Yup, every year the Middletons go to Mustique in January or February, and Kate (and usually Will) go with them.  So I imagine they will likely do the same this time, depending on how Kate's pregnancy is at that point.
Please delete if a repost. Sorry 10.31.14.       9:44cst
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge / Re: Vacation countdown....shall we
« Last post by TLLK on Today at 08:43:45 PM »
They Middletons seem to go every January so I'm guessing that they'll join them.
I don't think Diana was "asking for" sleazy behaviour from others.  I do, however, think that with her experience of press intrusion and the selling of insider stories, she should have chosen to confide either in a therapist (bound by confidentiality) or in friends she had reason to know were trustworthy.  Telling intimate secrets to a voice coach you've only just met is foolish in the extreme, IMO.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge / Vacation countdown....shall we
« Last post by FanDianaFancy on Today at 08:42:56 PM »
 :teehee:  The Golden Couple are taking the babymoon at Balmoral. See yahoo news. Will they or won't they go to MiddsAnnual Mustique?  I bet They wii and Will will because he missed last year.
I hope they do something with Eugenie, since New York is 'her' city now.  :nod:
Give them the day of a young person living and working in NYC- Sharing 4th floor walk up in Hell's Kitchen with 3 other people.Jam yourself onto subway at prime commuter hours. Eugenie can take them to her favorite Dunkin' Donuts. (Being from CA my family and I were amazed at how many there are all over the Northeast.)

(Just described my cousin's daughter's living arrangements. She works as an assistant buyer for Macy's in mid-town.) :wink:

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It really is awful  :cry:

By Dec she should be well into the 2nd trimester and if her health is good there shouldn't be an issue for flying.   Still burning up with curiosity over what this trip is for :happy15:
Truly the golden stage of pregnancy IMO.
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