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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge / Re: kate out and about?
« Last post by TLLK on Today at 04:23:28 AM »
^^^Good question wannable. :thumbsup: Not sure if she's going to be able to get a job anywhere now that the truth has come out.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge / Re: Duke of Cambridge To Go to Malta
« Last post by TLLK on Today at 04:20:52 AM »
Times of Malta stating that travel interest in Malta is up over 71% since William's visit. Probably more than one hotel that is hoping to book some reservations.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge / Re: kate out and about?
« Last post by wannable on Today at 03:16:37 AM »

Wonderful, one flew over the cuckoo's nest! Does Tabitha work for The Globe?
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge / Re: kate out and about?
« Last post by SophieChloe on Today at 02:55:18 AM »
Do you have any photos of her "secret visits" MB?  You know the ones she keeps going on? 

I couldn't give a **** either way. I know she is lazy.  A random photo of a skinny arse will not sway me either way.  :hug:
Anyone who is choosing to get involved with a married man or woman knowing that their lover is still legally married is engaging in bad behavior. Doesn't matter who it is: Charles, Camilla, Diana, my sister's husband, my former neighbor and their lovers were all in the wrong as they knew their lover was still married.

Charles gets no slack from me.
Cameron: Queen 'Purred' Over Scottish Vote

David Cameron has been overheard describing how the Queen "purred" when he told her Scotland had voted No to independence.

Microphones picked up the Prime Minister telling former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg how Her Majesty reacted during their phone conversation on Friday morning.

He said: "The definition of relief is being the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and ringing the Queen and saying 'It's alright, it's okay'. That was something.

"She purred down the line."

After a few seconds where the recording is not clear, Mr Cameron added: "But it should never have been that close.

More: PM: Queen 'Purred Down Line' Over Scots Vote

Woops!! Awkward.
Royalty Today / Re: Ask Windsor
« Last post by TLLK on Today at 02:46:44 AM »

The official activities of the Prince of Wales and his family are funded entirely by the Duchy of Cornwall - there are only three items of expenses covered by other methods. Travel to and from official engagements and structural repairs/maintenance of their official residences is covered by the Sovereign's Grant and Security is covered by the Home Office.
Thank you Windsor. Now from what I recall of the expenses released by the Palace this past summer, Charles was obliged to personally pick up some of the transportation costs for the Cambridges and Prince Harry so they could make it to their engagements. Is this correct?

Not surprised to read that the Sovereign's Grant covers the cost of transportation for members of the BRF. Other royal families around the globe have similar arrangements for their transportation needs as they perform their duties.
They were married... so the onus laid with them.  No?

Charles was married to Diana whilst carrying on with a married woman.  So the onus laid with him too, No?    :shrug:

Why does Charles always get off Scot free? 
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge / Re: kate out and about?
« Last post by Macrobug on Today at 02:45:57 AM »
No PofP is giving her own opinion. 

The person said they took the photo Sept 22.  It was on the internet over a week earlier.  Ergo.....they lied.  So one should ask....why would they do that?   The only explanation that I can come up with is to stir up things. And so I say that POP is correct.  Do you have another explanation why this blogger would post something that was untrue, mean and so easily proven false? 
Prince Harry / Re: Prince Harry @ Wellchild Awards 2014
« Last post by TLLK on Today at 02:43:29 AM »
If I paid 1,500 for a pair of shoes, I'd make sure my initials were on the bottom as well.

Prince Harry at WellChild Awards wears intials in 1,500 shoes | UK | News | Daily Express
Well judging from the soles it appears that Harry has gotten some use out of his shoes. As for the initials it appears to be something that the shoemaker chooses to place either as a trade tradition or a client request.
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