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Charles was 12 years older than Andrew and was sent to boarding school in Scotland when Andrew was still a baby.  I think they simply never spent enough time together as kids, combined with the big age difference, to develop a strong bond.

And honestly, I find it baffling that people are equating Charles' behaviour with Andrew's, or suggesting that Charles just doesn't like Andrew because he's jealous.  Charles married a relatively young woman -- who was 100% above the age of consent.  Andrew allegedly had sex with a 17 year old who in many jurisdictions is below the age of consent and who had been groomed and abused since she was a very young teenager by the man who allegedly supplied her to Andrew.  Charles was friends with a man that he had no idea was committing sex crimes (and he was hardly alone in that -- Diana, Margaret Thatcher, and a ton of other people were friends with him as well).  Andrew STAYED friends, in a very public manner, with a man convicted of sex crimes.  And then there's all of the cash-for-access, shady deals with dictators, using ostensibly official travel for his own benefit that Andrew has done.

There's just no comparison between the bad behaviour of the two of them.  I think Charles is entirely right not to try to ride to Andrew's rescue in his latest and most damaging scandal.
^ Just where does Philip fit in to Anne certainly got the better of Charles when they would fight? Phillip wasn't mentioned.
The problem is Andrew was everything Charles could never be a War hero, a winner with the ladies and confident in himself.
Thank you snokitty for this update as I said this will totally sideline his siblings making it all about Charles and Cams
Danish Monarchy / Mary underlines importance of children's language development
« Last post by Jennifer on March 02, 2015, 11:37:21 PM »
Today at The Royal Library in Copenhagen, a language conference focusing on the language development of 0 to 6-year-olds is going on.

Crown Princess Mary delivered the opening speech at the sold out event, where she, as chairman of the Crown Princess Mary Foundation, together with experts and researchers, kicked off a day focusing on children’s language development.

The Crown Princess Mary Foundation supports the cause via a project called ‘BookFun‘, which builds on dialogic reading (a special way of reading to pre-schoolers). The project has been used in 835 kindergartens since its launch in 2011.

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Mary underlines importance of children's language development | Royalista
Danish Monarchy / Countess Alexandra opens UNICEF City of 2015
« Last post by Jennifer on March 02, 2015, 11:32:40 PM »
Last week, the Danish city of Herning celebrated as they marked the beginning of Herning UNICEF City 2015. Among the many attendees was Danish Countess Alexandra, who had been invited as the official opener of the event because of her title as Patron of UNICEF Denmark.

“It is amazing that an entire city is going to focus on the children’s welfare,” the countess commended the city’s many volunteers in her speech at the opening.

For the entire year, with the help of UNICEF, the city of Herning will make an extra effort to help children in need around the world. The goal is to raise as much money as possible for the children through a range of different innovative initiatives, involving all of the citizens of Herning.

Read more:
Countess Alexandra opens UNICEF City of 2015 | Royalista
Thanks, @SophieChloe!   :flower:
Zara seems so much like her mom!
Lets hope not
Prince Andrew, The Duke of York / Re: What IS the problem with the Princes?
« Last post by amabel on March 02, 2015, 11:18:33 PM »
Anne certainly used to get the better of Charles when they got into fights when they were small.
Possibly but the point is, that I have certainly never seen anyting to indicate that Anne thought she was not of importance to Philip because she was a girl.
Prince Harry / Re: Prince Harry to quit the armed forces later this year
« Last post by amabel on March 02, 2015, 11:16:47 PM »
I believe Harry loved the idea of the Army from the time he was small. Some of the images of him in childhood feature him running about in fatigues at the age of two or three and later visiting army barracks.

That means nothing... No 2 year old goes out and buys their own clothes- he wore whatever mom and dad put him in, most likely.

I do think Harry loved serving in the army, but that a desk job is not his calling.

I think it would be wonderful if he and Chelsy had an opportunity to rekindle their romance, and what a fairy tale it would be if they found that after years apart, they were ready to make the sacrifices required for a lasting, stable relationship 💞 well, it would be mostly Chelsy making the sacrifices... And I don't see it happening, if Harry moves to Africa, I doubt he will be anywhere near Chelsy- but a gal can dream 😉

Well, as Diana reputedly loathed the idea of her sons going in the Army it was hardly likely to be her idea to dress her little son in fatigues.

I it now, and anyway it's been years. Too much water under the bridge for that to happen IMO.
where Is this from?  I've never heard of her disliking the idea of the boys going into the army.  It would be a bit ridiculous if she had, because it is always a likelihood for a royal male to go into the armed services. I believe that Harry and Will both wanted to be soldiers, esp harry and it was always on the cards for him.  I'm sure that if he Had NOT liked the idea Di would hardly have dressed him in military gear as a child.
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