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Nobody can be politically neutral. They just restrain themselves because of their role in society. I think that the queen is a pragmatic conservative. Charles is more liberal. William is definitely liberal, just like most Millennials.
So true. I very much doubt that there really is "trouble in paradise". Camilla is as close to an expert as you can get to the personality of Charles. She knows him like the back of her hand and it seems is one of the few people that can calm him down when he goes into one of his moods.  I would be very surprised if anything would phase her at this point. The Raymill house was a masterstroke and shows just how clever Camilla really is. She anticipates the problems even before they occur and gets a diplomatic solution.

As for Camilla thinking " she is more than she actually is". I very much doubt that. You really cannot get higher than the wife of POW if you are not born royal, save for being a queen consort which will come in due course. Yes, there is probably an element of conceit given how much deference she would get now...but I think she always takes it in her stride. Camilla is not someone to let anything or anyone get to her head.

I get the impression that she decides what is best for her and does it, regardless of the "noise" that others make. Save for her mother in law, father in law and current husband; she really does not have to be accountable to anyone for her actions. Even they are given firm boundaries as the Raymill bolthole has shown.
Prince Harry / Re: Harry and Meghan: Merchandise
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Royal Wedding Tea Towel - PRE ORDER. ? Victoria Eggs

This limited edition, Royal Wedding tea towel celebrates the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. The design is beautifully illustrated with rose garlands, wedding bells, Windsor Castle and a Queen?s Guard, along with the date, location and names of the happy couple. This tea towel by Victoria Eggs is packed in a commemorative belly band making it the perfect Royal Wedding Souvenir.
It seems everyone is thinking this is focused primarily on what Meghan will do in the future. It already seems a mistake if that will be the focus of the press.

Then we will get the usual comments of lazy royals that like killing wildlife. Kate will become the pottery maker & Harry will be the champion of the military.   :eyes:
Meghan Markle to take the stage with Prince Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge ? Royal Central

The forum held on 28 February will give Meghan a chance to see the organisation in which she formally becomes the fourth patron of on her wedding day in May.

The event next week may even allow Meghan to express which passions she hopes to focus on as a patron
True...but DM are also specialists in royal pictorials. You get a bit of rubbish written and some fantastic photos.  They do wind up their readers with clickbait and this might be one of those occasions. The objective for them is to write something controversial in order to get controversial comments in large numbers.
AKA slow news week in regards to Harry and Meghan so it's time to start looking for filler articles.  :wacko:
Prince Harry / Re: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry in anthrax terror scare
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And  likewise, the  younger  groups of BRF  (K,W,H,M  and even E, B )  need to  remember they are not entertainers  I celebrityville. They  must  follow TPTB, the  rules,  and  keep  a  nice distance, but a  friendly  distance  with  the  people.
@FanDianaFancy - Good points. I believe that this generation is trying to walk that balance to the best of their ability.
Well I guess you really are just trying to start an argument. So here's an idea for you, argue with yourself.
No, im responding to this from your post "Why is it that some cannot speak of C&C as a couple without bringing a deceased woman into the discussion?" by saying that if one mentions Charles first marriage like your post "The same looks could be seen when Charles's first marriage was over behind the scenes. " in relation to marriage troubles or Camilla, one is going to think of Diana & thats the same as mentioning her, both place her in the heads of the reader.

Churchill may have cheated with society's wildest woman | Daily Mail Online

Winston Churchill was in one of those ?black dog? depressing periods in his life, the ?wilderness years?, as he called them, when he was frustrated, nothing was going right and there seemed no outlet for all that potential for greatness he felt inside him.

He was out of Parliament following the rout of the Tories in the 1929 general election and broke, having lost a fortune in the Wall Street Crash that same year. He threw himself into a heady social life. He drank and gambled and holidayed abroad as the guest of his chum, the wealthy newspaper magnate Lord Beaverbrook.

At Beaverbrook?s villa in France in the spring of 1930, he was introduced to the sassy Doris Delevingne, a society temptress who happens to be the great-aunt of supermodel Cara Delevingne.
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