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Diana Princess of Wales / Re: Princess Diana - Pics & Videos - Part 4
« Last post by Curryong on Today at 11:57:06 AM »
The reactions of people here in this short clip show how loved Diana was, I think. Spontaneous cheering as she appeared and reappeared. She was in the first months of pregnancy obviously and probably not feeling the best, but happy at giving pleasure, especially on such a cold winter's evening.  :thumbsup:
Prince Harry / Re: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle relationship
« Last post by Yale on Today at 10:36:13 AM »
I just skimmed over some of the last few posts.

I'm going to say this again.....

Prince Harry is going to do what he wants to do regardless of what any of you have to say; regardless of anybody thinks in Britain or anywhere else.

If marries Meghan, there is not one thing any of you can say or do to stop him.  So, that so called article in a few posts up is a waste of time.

Me too. Since unfortunately in this Forum there is no way to block some members, I simply don't read their posts anymore, I ignore  :teehee:

As I do...
Prince Harry / Re: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle relationship
« Last post by Kinkade on Today at 09:00:07 AM »

I'll leave you with this: it's the DM and they are usually full of crap, but this is hilariously accurate.

Does she love me for myself? As cynics doubt Meghan's motives, how besotted Prince Harry might seek advice from our 'agony aunt' JAN MOIR, who interprets her social media posts and photos of them
By Jan Moir for the Daily Mail
19:02 EST 09 Dec 2016, updated 21:07 EST 09 Dec 2016
Does she love me for myself? As spiteful cynics doubt Meghan's motives, how besotted Prince Harry might seek advice from our 'agony aunt' JAN MOIR  |

 :lol: :lol: :lol:OMG :lol: :lol: :lol: This IS hilariously accurate. I keep laughing at the (Almost A ) Princess Diaries comment...

And if anybody else thinks she "needs" social media to promote her work... take note, She hasn't really posted anything to promote SUITS in the past weeks. And Suits is going to start again soon, (yes, I watch that show so I follow Gabriel Macht and Patrick Adams). Meghan isn't promoting the show nor her "work", just only herself.  :cloud9:(look at me, look at me...  :no: :wacko:)
Danish Monarchy / Re: Danish royal children decorate their tree
« Last post by TLLK on Today at 08:33:36 AM »
A room with tall ceilings!!! Honestly I don't know @LouisFerdinand but I'm guessing it's one of the larger reception rooms.
I understand what you are saying and likewise I'm uncomfortable knowing that a couple of miles away from the White House homeless veterans, families and teens are on the streets. And this is in a republic with an elected head of state. They're homeless due to a wide range of reasons: mental illness, domestic abuse, throwaways, runaways etc.. It's very complex. However I do know that when the POTUS and FLOTUS are hosting a white tie event for foreign dignitaries, that it is being done on behalf of my nation to foster good working relationships with other countries. Nations that might provide trade opportunities, employment etc.. for the U.S. Selling off the White House and its historic treasures will relieve things in the short term for a small percentage of people who may or may not desire to be homeless. (Yes there is a subgroup that doesn't wish to be housed.)

Now as I mentioned in my previous post, the government of the UK and its future head of state might have different ideas on how to host the annual Diplomatic Reception in the future. Perhaps there will be a more low key reception with finger foods or just a cocktails. These events will still continue to occur whether there is a constitutional monarch or an elected president.  Even an elected head of state might decide that it makes more sense to continue using the palaces, their tables, china, glassware etc...for a white tie event for hosting foreign dignitaries who are posted to London.  Changing out the Windsors for an elected head of state won't likely end the events being held in grand buildings nor will it likely end the issue of homelessness in the UK. I recently read about a young man from Italy who stated that he'd rather be homeless in London than live at home in Italy. The reason why...he has fewer prospects for employment in his home country, but in the UK there are more opportunities.

Double post auto-merged: Today at 08:32:22 AM

All in all a good discussion that perhaps  should be moved to a more  appropriate forum such as the monarchy/republic one. :)
Prince Harry / Re: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle relationship
« Last post by Vesper on Today at 06:48:14 AM »
I'll tell you what a waste of time is: that is telling people what they should or should not post. Stop with the grand declaration and just don't respond or do that's what we're here for.
^ I know all of the above @TLLK - doesn't make it right - does it? 

Time to get rid of these shysters and put them out to grass. 
Introductions / Re: Bereavement
« Last post by Jenee on Today at 06:09:10 AM »
I'm very sorry to hear about your loss, @amabel. :hug:
Prince Harry / Re: Is Prince Harry still smoking cigarettes?
« Last post by Cat00 on Today at 05:39:48 AM »
I read there is a smoking ban now on ALL royal residences.  If he is, he should quit, it'snot healthy!

I hope not. Meghan is a healthy woman, he smoked with his ex-girlfriends, who were airhead
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