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^^The Queen doesn't 'hand out titles to her family whenever she feels like it', though. The last royal Dukedom given was William's on his wedding day. Before that the Duke of York received his in 1986 when he married and his children received confirmation (through letters patent issued by George V in 1917 with reference to
True but these are titles for her children in recognition of their getting married.  However if she wanted say to give a titled to an adopted child, because the child can't be in the line of succession but just to honour the child and his parents, I see no reason why she would not do that

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there have been instances in the past where royals/aristos adopted for the purpose of securing the succession - usually another family member though so the notion of blood is preserved

I think
But in

The Politics of Monarchies & Republics / Re: Royalty Today
« Last post by amabel on Today at 12:05:17 PM »
The woman is nearly 90, if she travel far at her age, I think she's earned the right for it to be for pleasure not work..
The after Charl's birth shes' not doing anything unusual.  and as I KEEP saying, if she's doing the same amount of engagements as Di did at the same stage of her life, why is she seen as lazy?  Why wasn't Di seen as lazy?
. I'm sure the guide at her last engagement felt very pleased when she went straight back into her car without properly saying goodbye. The public pays very good attention to her performance at the engagements and their observations indicate her lack of progress.
well If you think so. from my experience, many people, indeed most, pay little attention to her or to most royals.  IN fact a few months ago, I made a ref in an email to a friend to W and K's baby and it took my friend  few minutes to realise whom I meant... that's normal IMO for British public reaction to the royal family.  There are ardent fans, there are royal watchers, but mostly people don't pay that much attention to them.. unless they happen ot see something in a paper or on TV...
 I don't know what you're referring to.... From what I've read mostly, she seems to be quite well liked at engagements and the people who meet her there dotn have any complaints.
If she did an engagement recently, she may have been in a hurry to get back ot the baby, or if she was heavily pregnant, she might have needed to get away, for various reasons to do with being heavily pregnant.   I don't know of anyone saying that she caused offence by rushing off without "saying goodbye properly".
And again, I'll jut ask, if she's doing around the same no of engagements as Diana did a the same stage of her life, why is she bad and Di good?  If the RF want her to do around 80 or 90 engagements a year at present, and she does that, then IMO she's doing what her job requires her to do.. if Di was doing around the same amount, when she was newly marred and having her babies, then I would say that that's what the RF require and she did it.. so I can't quite understand why so many people decry Kate, for doing the same amount of work as Diana did...
Yes Cate, I agree. Charles's time with his grandson is probably quite limited, considering his busy schedule and that he may not be enamoured with very young children. However, I'm sure that he sees George and Char on a fairly regular basis.
great pics Madelaine is already losing some of that baby fat and she looks so pretty - Dad looks thrilled too.
Vesper - the claim is that these were taken on his birthday so I would guess Granny was keeping him busy and out of the house while birthday party prep was going on = perhaps even a surprise?

I am guessing of course - but I bet George spends time with PC but PC does not choose to publicize it or have pics released.  Carole seems to like having the pics released.  I just do not see Charles paying all the bills and then allowing George to be kept away from him.

Japanese Monarchy / Re: Suspicion of myocardial ischemia
« Last post by snokitty on Today at 08:08:08 AM »
Empress Michiko has shown possible symptoms of heart disease in an electrocardiogram examination and will undergo a more detailed exam next month, the Imperial Household Agency said Wednesday.

The 80-year-old Empress started complaining of chest pain around late June, and given possible symptoms of coronary artery obstruction, she is scheduled to undergo a coronary computed tomography scan at the University of Tokyo Hospital on Aug. 9.

The agency said the Empress could be suffering from myocardial ischemia, or insufficient blood flow to part of the heart muscle via the coronary arteries, which could lead to a heart attack.

There is no change so far to the schedule of her official duties. But she will be advised to refrain from any activities that could elevate her heart rate, including standing in a hot place for a long time, the agency said.

She will not be prescribed any medication for the symptoms for the time being.
LOL, I agree with  all  of  you.
See thread about  PC  doesn't see the  boy enough  and  the Cambridges spent  a  week or so at Highgrove  after PChar  was born.

WE  know , can  really assume  by  PC's schedule, and  pics  of  Carole  with  her  grandkids, which  is  fine, that  WHERE  IS PC's    time??

Only  PC  can teach  the boy  some things  he  needs  to  know. Of course he  is  just  a  toddler  now, but  when  he  gets to preschool age, which  just   about  3 years  away, PC  really  needs some  regular  time scheduled  for the  boy.
A  5-6 year old  can  learn  things  like  that.
The Politics of Monarchies & Republics / Re: Royalty Today
« Last post by Curryong on Today at 07:41:09 AM »
Will the queen and King Felipe be able to heal the UK/Spain Gibraltar dispute? asks EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE | Daily Mail Online
Having cut back on long-haul travel, the Queen has undertaken a sequence of short state visits around Europe – to Ireland, Italy, France and, last month, Germany.

Significantly, they’re all republics.

But royal Spain is mooted for 2016, bringing HM face to face with a king.

Having avoided her European counterparts – a number of whom have recently abdicated in favour of their children – she’ll be hosted by King Felipe VI, 47, whose father King Juan Carlos stepped down last year.

A Foreign Office source suggests that an old queen and a young king might be able to heal the festering UK/Spain dispute over Gibraltar.

^^ Well, if politicians haven't been able to bring the dispute to any conclusion in decades it's highly unlikely, IMO, that two monarchs who reign not rule would be able to! Having said that, it would probably add to goodwill.

I don't know about the Queen 'avoiding her fellow monarchs'. Elizabeth doesn't do that much travelling any more and that includes State visits, which are usually arranged a year in advance. It's protocol anyway for very new monarchs to make the trip to older ones.

 Therefore, if there is a State visit planned for 2016 it's much more likely to be Felipe and Leti visiting London than the other way round, IMO. I've been wondering why they haven't done so yet, actually, and the lingering disputes over Gibraltar/fishing rights etc. would have something to do with this, I think.
Some of that  may  be true. The story  was going good  until  after   PChar  was born, the  Cambridges stayed at Highgrove  for a week or so.
YOU know that  is  not true.

I  believe it is true, being the children  are with the Midds  so much, that PC  does not get to see the boy  enough.
ONLY  PC  can teach  the boy  what  he needs  to know.
PW  should  make sure his  father  sees  the  boy enough.  Some kind  of  regular basis  when PC's schedule permits.
******  Separate  thread.  See  the thread  over there. I  know we  all just say the pics  of Carole with  her  grandson at the beach.
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