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Great summary of her style evolution. I always thought that her post-divorce clothes are timeless. They could be on any women today without shame. She indeed was a fashion icon.
You are quite right @TLLK. The two women could not be more contrasting in their styles and approaches but they each serve the monarchy in their own way. Charles has had a bit of luck recently so I am hopeful that he is no longer mourning about his lot in life.
Diana's life in fashion: From her classic 'Elvis dress' to a post-divorce blush pink day suit, the fascinating evolution of the Princess' style
Diana's life in fashion glorious photos | Daily Mail Online
Diana's life in fashion: From her classic 'Elvis dress' to a post-divorce blush pink day suit, the fascinating evolution of the Princess' style
Diana's life in fashion glorious photos | Daily Mail Online
Both Charles and Diana were the ultimate causes of their marriage and divorce @Curryong. I have always accepted that as a reasonable conclusion. What I do not accept is people apportioning blame to Charles alone based on third party or alternatively biased accounts. Worse still, I object to Camilla being blamed for breaking them up as if she is some magician with the ability to make two incompatible people suddenly love one another. To her credit, Diana accepted 50% of the blame in the panorama interview. Some of her fans refuse to accept that and try to make out that she was the perfect person who was betrayed by Charles and Camilla. That is what I object to .

We have now reached a point where every appearance that Camilla does is followed by catty remarks about how old she looks (as if any of us look our best at 70), how she is an adulteress, how she is a home breaker and how she deserves to die in shame. The people commenting do not realize the irony that the same terms could be used to refer to their idol Diana.  Meanwhile Diana's foibles are excused as the perfect response of a "wronged woman". I find that unfair and that is why I have tried to champion Camilla, getting lots of people upset in the process. She is just a woman who had some youthful indiscretions. She is definitely not this hideous witch that the tabloid press has tried to sell to us.

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I also wanted to clarify the "better wife" comment @sandy. That was not meant as a slur on Diana as a person but as a reference to their compatibility. C&D were less compatible than C&C. I am sure that given the time and space, Diana would have found her true prince charming. I have never believed that Diana was a nasty person. Throughout her life she proved that she was far from being a bad person. It is just that she married the wrong guy at the wrong time. We have all been there and are given a chance to get it right later on. Sadly for her, tragedy robbed her of the chance.

Based on my postings some people might assume that I am anti-Di. Far from it. Before Diana came along  I could not have  cared less about the British royal family. She brought something special. However, I also see her as an imperfect human being who was sinned against and also sinned against others. She is neither a saint nor a devil; Just an unfortunate woman who never found true love in her life. 

I did not say I blamed him for it all, I said I blamed him the most because he knew he did not love Diana when he married her. He told this later to his biographer. Diana though he loved her.  Diana thought him an honorable man who would commit to her after the wedding.

What I object to is how Diana detractors blame her for accepting Charles proposal not Charles proposing knowing he did not love her.

Judging by the books by their sympathizers I believe Charles and Camilla don't think it was their fault and the spin is Diana was "mad". 

Camilla succeeded in breaking up a marriage. Charles invited two of his married mistresses to his wedding to Diana, Camilla never really left the scene. Diana moved on after Charles dumped her. No, it was not just Charles and DIana. A third party interfering from the get go causes a lot of damage to a couple. the second Charles started writing letters complaining about Diana's popularity all his sycophantic friends started leaking stories about Diana (ca. 1983). Charles should have cleared the decks, stopped contacting Camilla and he and Diana could have tried to work things out without third parties (with their own agendas) "helped" Charles.

Nobody wished Camilla to "die in shame." And Diana did not "die in shame." If C and C were so "compatible" Charles would have wanted to marry her way back when. He said he was not ready to get married but if he really wanted her he would have told her to wait for him. But he used her as mistress for years and I am not convinced this was a "great love story."   DIana broke up no homes. The Hoares are together. Carling denied an affair. Camilla was instrumental in breaking up two homes by not backing off.  I think Charles may possibly have found a bride who would play nice with Camilla and understand all the terms of the marriage. Charles did not think ahead of Diana saying yes to him and his finding the bride to provide heirs. If he had, he might have wanted to spell things out so there would be no unpleasant surprises for the bride. She also could have had the opportunity to leave the scene, some excuse could have been made for a breakup and Charles could have found another prospect. Diana did not die without "love"--she had the love of her two children and her close friends.
Fashion and Style / Re: Only kilts or sailor suits
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Lord David Douglas-Hamilton and Lord George Douglas-Hamilton 1938       
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King Richard I wanted to participate in the Third Crusade. To raise money, he sold earldoms, lordships, sherrifdoms, castles, lands, estates, and entire towns. Richard even planned to sell the capital, London. He could not find anyone rich enough to buy it.
The Politics of Monarchies & Republics / Re: Boarding schools
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At the age of 13, Princess Anne of England was sent to Benenden School. a boarding school.
Prince Ferdinand of France, Duke of Berry was actually Prince Charles Ferdinand. It is unfortunate that he was stabbed when leaving the opera house in Paris.
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