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^^^ For once I agree with the Daily Fail - Estelle did indeed steal the show. She is so so adorable, and I love the photos of her with the flower garland.  :vday4:
The new photos are great! They appear to be a happy photo. The picture of Marius reaching out for Ingrid Alexandra is adorable. I completely forgot that Haakon's birthday was this month. :blush:
Amalia is so adorable! Imagine cuddling her. :vday2: I would love it if the new royal children could meet, imagine seeing George, Mia, Leonore and Amalia together! *Heart melts*

Little Princess Amalia to be baptised in France
Luxemburger Wort - Little Princess Amalia to be baptised in France

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Details of Princess Amalia of Luxembourg's christening revealed
Princess Amalia of Luxembourg's christening details -

It's Amalia, not Amelia - but that was probably a typo.
Dutch Monarchy / Re: W-A announcement regarding Flight MH17
« Last post by HereditaryPrincess on Today at 05:23:13 AM »
Thanks TLLK for the updates. I thought it was kind and thoughtful of WA to cancel the photoshoot so that he can spend time thinking about those who lost their lives during this terrible tragedy. :cry:
Danish Monarchy / Happy Birthday: Prince Felix turns 12 today
« Last post by HereditaryPrincess on Today at 05:20:51 AM »
12 years ago today, Princess Alexandra — now Countess Alexandra — gave birth to Prince Felix at Rigshospitalet (Copenhagen University Hospital).

Prince Felix is the second child of Prince Joachim and Countess Alexandra. On October 4th 2002, the new Prince was baptised in the church of Møgeltønder in the southern part of Jutland where he was given the name Felix Henrik Valdemar Christian — to the great surprise of most people. 

Since the divorce of Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra in 2005, Prince Felix has been living with his mum and older brother, Prince Nikolai, in the Copenhagen area, Østerbro, but Prince Joachim’s recent move to Copenhagen will probably result in the Prince spending more time with his dad and his stepmother Princess Marie.

Happy Birthday: Prince Felix turns 12 today | Royalista

Thanks for sharing the photos with us, Jennifer. :flower: I'm pleased to see the Belgian children there, Eleonore is so adorable. It's a shame that Prince Laurent and Princess Astrid's children weren't there, I would've liked to have seen Lili and Amedeo together again.

Mathilde's outfit reminds me of the outfits Maximia wears, I wonder if they rung each other for fashion advice. :D
I wonder where Louise was? James looked like he was having fun, I love the photo of him getting a piggy back from Edward.
That's funny, because I've just come back from Ibiza and thought I saw Sophie on the beach, but she was speaking German and up close looked older, so obviously wasn't Sophie. I must admit I was very disappointed at that! :doh:
Welcome to the Royal Insight! / Re: Where are you from?
« Last post by HereditaryPrincess on Today at 05:11:10 AM »
^^^ It's a small world! :hug: I wish I knew more about the Irish side of my family.
Prince Harry / Re: Prince Harry: I hate Twitter
« Last post by HereditaryPrincess on Today at 05:08:17 AM »
I was surprised to hear this from Harry, as I can imagine him Tweeting. I guess that explains why he doesn't have an account. (:wellduh:) Interesting that he says this yet Tweeted for the Inviticus (sp?) Games.

I tend to agree with him - I've noticed that people tend to speak their mind on Twitter, which is the main reason why I don't like it either. I've also had a negative experience with it too (and that wasn't fun at all). I don't have Facebook, although have no intention of getting it. I much prefer Instagram.

Didn't he used to have a Facebook account, but then deleted it because someone found it out and shared his username with the press?
Welcome to the Royal Insight! / Re: Where are you from?
« Last post by SophieChloe on Today at 05:07:36 AM »
Awww, we could be related HP  :hug:  What's yours is mine and what's mine is my own.   :love6:
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