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I think it was Harry's way of telling the media that he is not interested in Cressida. He was very close but did not bother to go congratulate etc..
^ Honestly Harry show up in Soho in that close rate to Cressida play, Is a full on gossips Trap and I bet before the weekend they are going to be lots of different headline and rumor about these! I don't get why harry keep on making things  so easy for people to take advantage off  :orchid:

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The Middleton Family / Re: General chat about the Middletons - Part 2
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They look to be 10+ years older than they are on any scale used.   :lol:
Entertainment | Celebrity News / Who will be crowned Best Bess?
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The other actresses that played Elizabeth I before Anita Dobson | Daily Mail Online
She is best known for playing gobby EastEnders barmaid Angie Watts in the 1980s, but Anita Dobson has undergone a dramatic transformation to play Queen Elizabeth I for her new role.

The actress, 66, revealed she needed to spend four hours in hair and make-up to play the Tudor ruler, complete with pockmarked face, rotten teeth and balding head.

As momentum builds from her highly anticipated turn as the Virgin Queen, Anita will no doubt face comparisons against those who have already played one of Britain's greatest monarchs as she stars in BBC Two's Armada: 12 Days To Save England at 9pm on Sunday.
Prince Charles says name your streets in Cornish, writes SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE  | Daily Mail Online
Having lobbied ministers to save the endangered Patagonian toothfish as a ‘high priority’, Prince Charles is embarking on an even more quixotic quest.

The heir to the throne has insisted that every street name in a 4,000-home development on his West Country estate uses Cornish, even though it’s spoken by only a few hundred people.

He is said to have come up with the idea of using Cornish names for lanes, roads and squares on the expanding Nansledan estate — drawing on so-called Arthurian ‘legends’, as recorded in Sir Thomas Malory’s 1485 book, Le Morte D’Arthur.
I knew if she did this play she would be history, Harry made it a point to be seen last night with Guy on a dinner date far away from the red carpet lol.
Prince Harry in Soho restaurant Bob Bob Ricard with Guy Pelly | Daily Mail Online

Dinosaurs laid bright eggs to camouflage clutches from predators | Daily Mail Online
It was assumed that early birds and the dinosaurs they evolved from, produced simple white eggs.

But now experts believe that some dinosaurs laid blue-green eggs instead.

Their work may explain why birds such as robins and emus lay colourful eggs, as well as shedding light on dinosaur nesting behaviour.

This is the first time that the colour of dinosaur eggs has been examined in detail, despite numerous pieces of research about the hue of the ancient beasts' feathers and scales.

Some of the oldest species of birds, such as emus, lay coloured eggs, with a previous study pinpointing the chemical origin of the dark turquoise colour, New Scientist reported.
I don't know which is worse:  going to a party and having your picture taken w/Paris Hilton or going to a party and having your picture taken w/Sarah Ferguson.

In Hollywood-speak there are A listers, B listers and Z listers.  What comes after Z listers?
Paris Hilton and Sarah Ferguson mix and mingle at amfAR gala in Cannes | Daily Mail Online
Often stars from completely different backgrounds mingle when at the Cannes Film Festival.

Heiress and one-time reality TV star Paris Hilton, 34, bumped into former royal (and newly thin), Sarah Ferguson, 55, at the glittering amfAR gala in the South Of France on Thursday evening.

And it looked as if the pair had met before as they got up close and personal while posing for photographs together.
Spanish duke claims that he should be the next King of FRANCE | Daily Mail Online
He boasts a pedigree that would put the Queen to shame and, as an added bonus, looks every inch the dashing Prince Charming.

Meet 41-year-old Louis Alphonse de Bourbon, Duke of Anjou and the most senior living male descendant of France's last Bourbon king, Louis XIV.

Although the French monarchy came to a sticky end at the hands of Robespierre and later Napoleon, the Legitimists, a pro-royal faction in France, remain committed to restoring the Bourbon line to the throne.
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