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Health | Fitness | Beauty | Fashion / Met Gala Jewels 2016
« Last post by snokitty on Today at 11:48:55 AM »
Met Gala Jewels 2016 | The Court Jeweller

It's that time of year again: celebrities (and a royal!) have gathered in New York for the Met Gala, the annual fundraising benefit and ball held at the opening of the annual exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute. Each year's gala and exhibition has a theme; this year, it was "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology." Here's a look at some of the most interesting jewels on display...
Kate is as much a "celebrity" as the Kardashians. so regardless of how I feel about Vogue using celebrities to promote their publication, instead of true fashion-forward people or those who have had a demonstrable positive effect on society, the Vogue editors have a right to make this decision. However, their reputation has taken a dive in my eyes. IMO this move has placed Vogue more in the category of a celebrity magazine or tabloid.

Royal is as Royal does, and the role of Royalty is to serve others. A man of any socio-economic rank can be a "prince at heart" when he serves others with kindness and integrity. So any woman can be a "princess at heart" when she acts like one - when she serves others selflessly with a kind heart. When I see Kate serving others selflessly without regards to her own appearances or what she gets from it, then no matter what her title is, she in my eyes will be acting Royal. Until then, she is just another attention-seeking celebrity.
                         Pluscarden Abbey   
                          Pluscarden Abbey Featuring the Abbey Cat - YouTube
Queen Sonja and Princess Mette-Marit attended a ceremony in Oslo | NEWMYROYALS & HOLLYWOOD FASHION

On May 2, 2016, Queen Sonja and Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway laid the foundation stone of the new National Museum (Nasjonalmuseet for kunst) in Oslo. The new National Museum was designed by the German architect Klaus Schuwerk, and will be a continuation of the existing National Museum established as Norway’s first public art museum by Parliament in 1837. The total exhibition area will be 13,000 square meters, the equivalent of two football fields.
I think the pictures are lovely, but agree they're not art and shouldn't go straight to the National Portrait Gallery. Also if she had actually done more, worked harder and earned and built her royal role more in the last 5 years, I'd probably feel a lot more like she's deserved a Vogue photo shoot.

I know she has influence fashion wise, but that's it really, isn't it? Other than that, it does rather look like a push to try and make her an 'icon' by just pretending she is that iconic that she should be on the historic anniversary cover of Vogue and in the National Portrait Gallery, probably some strong PR at work.
Besides the fact that I really don't agree with him (they are anything but normal) what a strange idea to run an article on what a chef thinks about W&K... I mean event for the Daily Mail that's randomly weird.  :lol:
"They have both taken on civilian roles..."  - am I misinterpreting this comment. Is he speaking in the context of careers or domesticity? If it's the former, Kate hasn't adopted a civilian role. If it's the latter, he needs to drag his mindset into the 21st century. "Royalty" is a notional concept, not a concrete model for real living. Perhaps he's a royalist who believes in translating the abstract "magic and grandeur" of monarchy into a concrete reality.

Nevertheless relatability depends on transparency and understanding. If their roles, purpose, behaviours  and lifestyles are unusual, unclear, shrouded and inconsistent, they aren't going to be relateable, even if William claims to warm George's milk or prep the breakfast.

By the by, I hate the term "civilian" as a description of difference. I'll grant its use to the army but everyone else is on par with each other.
                                        The Postponed Coronation   
                                         Postponed Coronation Of King Edward Vii (1902) - YouTube
Culinary and Fine Arts / Re: Postage Stamps of Royalty
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                             Napoleon I of France   
                              Monaco 1969 3f Napoleon Portrait. | Stamps of People | Pinterest | Napoleon, Monaco and Portraits
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