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The Middleton Family / Re: Pippa Middleton and James Matthews engaged
« Last post by Eri on Today at 04:14:24 PM »
^ Good for them ... I guess ... what I have problem is being called jealous for expressing my opinion ... I have been never called not wife material and I don't look at least 50 so I don't see what I would be jealous about ... certainly not her 40 + years old fiance we all know she settled for anyways and will never be happy with as we all know what she wanted ...
@Duch_Luver_4ever Cheating is cheating and it shows Di gave up on the marriage and was as guilty of it ending as her husband was it takes two to divorce Chuck didn't divorce himself he divorced Di because she cheated , lied and on the top of all of it she was a pain to live with ... that fact will never change ... I will never get people faulting the man for getting rid of Di when HE was the one who HAD to live with her ... the REAL her ... by the way ... Di was a school drop out with a family no better than the Midds with NO option but to marry well as her brother would inherit all her family's assets leaving her alone to face the World so she and her grandmother did a lot of deception as well presenting herself as the perfect girl for the Prince and having no issues with Cam UNTIL the ring was on her finger ... Di loved Chuck? please ... what did she love about him besides his money and position? She made fun and hated everything about him ...
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: why I like this picture
« Last post by Eri on Today at 03:55:10 PM »
Hmmm where to start so much wrong again  :ugh: Did I say Charles and Diana were NEVER happy??? NO  Did I say Charles felt nothing about Diana??? NO

What DID I say???? I highlighted that it was a not very common picture as to have all the Spencer children and PoW together in one shot is very uncommon, and that he looks happy to be there, geez Eri, learn when to get out of your own way and accept a nice thing said about Charles. He does look rather pleased, I dont know if someone said something funny or not, or if hes just enjoying beautiful company being between Diana and Jane. Without being there, one is left to speculate of events based on the info we have to go on, the expressions on peoples faces...thats what looking at photographs are for.

Think about the next most memorable pic of Charles with Sarah and of thems missing....and why was she missing....and how happy do they look coming out of that French hospital, hmmm????....not very happy, so forgive the f#$% out of me if Id like to talk about a happier occasion theyre all together. :ugh: :orchid:
Your words:
"he actually looks happy to be there" why wouldn't he? And isn't it acting like you know how he felt all the time around Di? I think it does ... pure speculation as only the man himself knows how he felt about Di or when he was happy/pleased ...
No idea. There are no obstacles or deadlines why they cannot announce the engagements. The facts that it was just leaked to the tabs, his mother was in state of shock, speak more about hinting she wants to get married. Maybe her friend will be married and she wants to tie the knot as well. I do not know, but the moving to new house can be a step into new arrangements.
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: why I like this picture
« Last post by Duch_Luver_4ever on Today at 11:28:11 AM »
agreed @TLLK its a great pic of them, yes Charles Spencer does look like he was taken by surprise, looks like hes opening that bottle of champagne while taking the photo.

@sandy Yes, I believe Diana once said, according to Sarah Bradford, that was once a time when they loved each other, and while it was brief it was so, but I think she was protecting her ego. While they did have some lovely pics in the early years up to 1983, I think it was the children she bore him that satisfied him and having the pressure taken off him...until her popularity started to undermine his glass-like ego, and whatever passes for love in his mind "whatever love means and all" left him at that point.

If he loved her as much as Eri claims, hed have made sure her transition went better, her friends and interests included, and that she was cared for and well looked after. Between keeping his bachelor life going, talking and then sleeping with Camilla, and work, he let her wither on the vine, not the actions of someone whos in love. If she was such a bore, there were countless men who would have "taken one for queen and country" and spent time with her, listened to her, cared for her, nurtured her, just to see those bright eyes and smile reappear.
Prince Harry / Re: 'Harry would be a remarkable king
« Last post by Duch_Luver_4ever on Today at 11:05:17 AM »
Agreed, with all the effort to groom an heir, I doubt they would switch horses now unless some major medical emergency or something really out of the ordinary. Of course that means, sadly they wont likely ditch Charles for William....
Diana Princess of Wales / Re: why I like this picture
« Last post by sandy on Today at 06:36:46 AM »
I will never know why strangers that know nothing  about how Chuck felt about Di all the time all those Years of marriage act like they have never been happy... that is over reaching as neither has said such thing  ... they had their good times and both have said as such and Chuck has never said contrary to popular believe he never felt anything about Di that is something people who know nothing as they are strangers claim ...

Charles talked to his biographer about his marriage to Diana. He never ever said to him he loved Diana, nothing appeared in the authorized biography indicating he loved Diana.  If he loved Diana he would have really said goodbye to Camilla.  Charles never even indicated he loved her and they "drifted apart." He just whinged. 
Prince George, Duke of Kent was the Best Man at the 1937 wedding of his secretary, John Lowther to Miss Priscilla Lambert.     
                             London Wedding (1937) - YouTube
Charles had his pals leak nasty stories about Diana before the Morton book. She wanted to get her side out there. I don't think CHarles really wanted to marry Camilla back then. I think his great love is himself. If he loved Camilla he would have told her they had a future before he went to sea for months. Charles outing Camilla made him more or less obligated to her. Her husband divorced her after CHarles made his confession of adultery in 1994

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^ No one knows facts ... there is her version , his version and the truth ... so I would say it is blind devotion to Di as you choose to believe her version of events ... someone who was very loose with the truth and loved to paint her husband as a monster for his affair but conveniently forgot all about hers in her book trying to bury him alive ... nothing wrong with buying what Di was SELLING but I would be careful with the word FACTS ...

Charles did give his version via his authorized biographer. NO matter how he tried to spin it IMO it was still nasty. 
                             CP Frederik and CP Mary - True big love - YouTube
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