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Grand Duchy of Luxembourg / Re: National Day
« Last post by snokitty on Today at 06:54:38 AM »
Gala - 2016 Luxembourg National Day Celebrations

After celebrations of National Day of Luxembourg that took place on Thursday, in the evening, Grand Duke Henry and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa held a reception at Grand Ducal Palace, and the reception was attended by Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie, Prince Félix, Princess Claire, Prince Louis, Princess Tessy, Princess Alexandra and Prince Sebastien of Luxembourg.
Spanish Royals met with the members of the Committee of UWC

Queen Letizia and King Felipe VI of Spain attended an audiences with the Board of the Foundation Spanish Committee of United World Colleges (UWC), sponsors scholarships and scholarship students at the Zarzuela Palace on June 24, 2016 in Madrid, Spain.
Princess Charlene and Prince Albert at St. John's Day Festival

In the evening on June 23, 2016, Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco watched the traditional celebrations of St. John's Day procession (Fête de la Saint-Jean) at Palace Square in Monaco. (The "Fête de la Saint Jean" (feast of St John), traditionally celebrated with bonfires (le feu de la Saint-Jean) that are reminiscent of Midsummer's pagan rituals, is a Catholic festivity in celebration of Saint John the Baptist. It takes place on June 23-24 on Midsummer day.)
Swedish Monarchy / Swedish Royal Family at Solliden Palace in Oland
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Swedish Royal Family at Solliden Palace in Oland

These photos was taken at Solliden palace last weekend: King Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Princess Sofia, Prince Alexander, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Oscar of Sweden at their summer residence Solliden on the island of Öland.
Charles IV (1316-1378) was Holy Roman Emperor from 1355 to 1378.   
He promulgated the Golden Bull of 1356 whereby the succession to the imperial title was laid down.   
Holy Roman Emperor - a fascinating blend of past and present - YouTube
                    Children and Grandchildren of King Nicholas I and Queen Milena of Montenegro   
                        King Nicholas I & Queen Milena of Montenegro || Children & Grandchildren - YouTube
                               Pretty Pink Polka dots   
                                Princess Diana In a Pink Polka Dot Dress...All Smiles & Simply Lovely... | Diana loved polka dots | Pinterest | Princess Diana, Diana and Pink Polka
Fashion and Style / Re: Only kilts or sailor suits
« Last post by LouisFerdinand on Today at 05:57:59 AM »
                   Prince Edward and Prince Albert of England: 1905   
                     U.K. Queen Mary together with her two eldest sons Albert George and Edward in Balmoral, 1905 | 1900's lifestyle & real life II (all except America) |
Culinary and Fine Arts / Re: Plants handpicked for a Monarch
« Last post by LouisFerdinand on Today at 05:52:46 AM »
                         Peony Big Ben   
                          Peony Big Ben | Peony | Pinterest | Peonies, Big Ben and Flower
                  King Louis XIV of France founded the first ballet school.   
                    Ballet Evolved - At the court of Louis XIV - YouTube
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